There’s a lot of content online that scrutinizes contact center data transitions from on premise to cloud. To illustrate, we refer you to this publication.

First, However, Read This Blog

Because you won’t read anything “out there” like what you are about to read here. We delve far beyond these common axioms:

  • “Cloud-based solutions offer many benefits, including greater flexibility, scalability, and accessibility…”
  • “The clear choice for organizations looking to stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving business environment…”
  • “We understand that security is a top concern for many organizations, and we take it seriously…”

Enough small-sales talk. Brace for our big-picture cloud-transition story. 

Our Cloud-Transition Story is Unique Because We Are

And the first thing we will declare is that we usually don’t move data to the cloud.

Basically, we make transitions from on-premise environments to the cloud a lot easier for businesses. So easy, in fact, that they experience almost no interruptions in their contact center operations.

The reason is simple: Our answer to virtually every discovery-phase question we field from our partners and their customers is “Yes.” Then, we respond with the “why” and “how.”

Aceyus Aggregates, Integrates, Normalizes, Analyzes, and Visualizes Critical Contact Center Data

We help customers visualize contact center data and metrics from disparate sources on a single dashboard with Aceyus VUE, our reporting and analytics software solution. VUE eliminates the need to, for example, manually pull reports from two different systems and mash them together into Excel or some other BI tool, or to access different dashboards from numerous platforms and apps. Our solution has no blind spots; no stipulations; no conditions; no limitations. Just all your important data, accessible all the time. Consider what this means to your business: You can implement and execute your specific strategy and tactics to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your contact center, while elevating agent and customer experience.

To quote a famous fictional sage: “there is no ‘try’; there is only ‘do.’” When a potential customer asks the question: “what data can you work with?” The answer : “all of it.” If we can access data, we can manage it. The contact center data we presently manage is a small subset of “all” the data we could manage.

Aceyus VUE is Contact Center-Platform Neutral

Aceyus VUE can handle data from multiple contact center environments at the same time—indefinitely if necessary, or even if desired. Again, the answer is “yes.” Our flexibility is unparalleled. Whether your data is on-premise, in transition, or in the cloud, it’s accessible and visible.  Agents, APIs, and third-party software can live in either environment, or both, in any configuration. Just like data, we are not concerned with the platform—we accept them all: the obsolete, those in existence, and those yet-to-be-created. This level of frictionless fluidity is a key Aceyus differentiator.

However, many other companies that transition data to the cloud can only partner with one specific contact center platform. They are, in other words, contact-center dependent. Which means they have to say “no” quite often or steer businesses to a specific platform, even when it’s not the optimal solution. Aceyus, on the other hand, adapts to your needs, and not the other way around. Many businesses express reluctance to make the transition to the cloud because transitions can be disruptive. They don’t want friction. When Aceyus is not involved, they have a point. However, no matter the scale of a transition, Aceyus rarely, if ever, interrupts business operations or contact-center efficiency.

Case in Point

One of our partner’s customers, an international shipping and logistics corporation, needed to move from an on-premise contact center to the cloud. The migration was scheduled to progress over a course of different events and across various regions during a period of months. This meant that some data and agent populations would remain with the on-premise contact center as some migrated to the cloud, mainly to minimize risk. Needless to say, the migration proceeded with no interruption to the customer’s business. In fact, the entire migration was transparent to the customer.

Other companies must interrupt data flow and access to move from an on-premise environment to the cloud. Aceyus maintains data flow.

Aceyus Can Make Data Make Sense to a Business

The people who work for Aceyus have extensive experience in the contact center environment, specific to a variety of disparate systems in the market. Many of our employees have worked in contact centers. They know the strengths and limitations of the most-common ACDs, which allows us to help businesses avoid the pitfalls and surprises that often plague on-premise-to-cloud transitions. We can and will recommend the best course of action. Additionally, our Professional Services team knows how all the disparate data sources operate and interact—this critical differentiator helps streamline all phases of the transition from on-premise to the cloud. We know our systems, your systems, and third-party data sources. This means we address all our customers’ needs, not just those that concern our own products. Many typical out-of-the-box solutions will not adapt to a customer’s applications. Our solutions are configurable, flexible, and universal.

Aceyus is Contact Center Language Independent

For many contact-center agents, transitioning from a familiar contact center to a new, unfamiliar one is like learning a new language. Imagine an agent who speaks English also suddenly has to know German with the same familiarity and maintain performance thresholds in all their important contact-center metrics. Ich weiss, nicht wahr? (I know, right?) Yet, for other companies that transition businesses to the cloud, this is a “necessary inconvenience.” It’s also the major reason why premise-to-cloud transitions are often disruptive.

Aceyus solves that problem by offering the option to view reports and analytics in the exact terminology used by your organization. For example, Aceyus can indefinitely display the data in the “language” of the on-premise platform even when it’s generated in the new cloud platform.

That’s possible because we offer a product that the other companies don’t—Aceyus Lexicon. It’s our own creation. Why this matters: Customers can visualize their data in ways meaningful to them, as the organization of their businesses dictate.

Lexicon also empowers you to add additional metadata and tags to provide even deeper context that matches the unique structure and flows of your contact center. This metadata can be used to enable additional levels of filtering and categorization of your data which can uncover new insights and provide additional visibility on your reports and dashboards.

As a result, we reveal important data for the first time, even though it’s been there all along. We like to say that Aceyus “turns on the lights”. Other companies can’t do this; Aceyus can.

Still Much Work to Do

According to prevailing opinion, approximately 15 percent of all contact center companies in the United States have migrated their contact centers, customer data, applications, software, third-party platforms, et. al., to the cloud. We have no statistical evidence to support this claim, and you might find other studies that suggest different ratios, but we are in the trenches, helping businesses make this transition, and 15% percent seems about right to us.

Otherwise, what are companies like AWS, Cisco, Twilio, and Avaya up to? Shuffling customers from one internal on-premise server to another? No. These days, it’s all about transitioning data to the cloud, and Aceyus transitions businesses from on-premise to cloud like no other company—because we always say “yes” and we rarely interrupt business operations.

Now that you’ve read our singular story, here is more information why we think Aceyus is the best data-integration solution available.

And here are more details on the transition from on-premise to cloud environments.

Thank you for reading.

Aceyus Team

Aceyus Team

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