Aceyus: 15 years of Data Integration Solution Innovation

Aceyus VUE is our newest data integration solution that helps businesses integrate, analyze, report, and visualize contact center data in real time.

From its beginnings, Aceyus has improved the responsiveness and functionality of its data integration solutions.

In 2007, Aceyus introduced the first version of its data integration solution, Version 3.0. (Versions 1.0 and 2.0 were Beta releases.) Versions 3.5, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 5.0, and 6.0 followed. Every new whole number signified a complete software rewrite. The decimals updated existing versions.

Customer feedback and the imagination and initiative of the Aceyus Development Team have influenced the upgrades over the last 15 years. Aceyus 6.0 is still a full-featured solution to data management, and is still in use with many Aceyus’ customers.

However, the data integration software sector is a restless environment, and Aceyus never rests on its laurels.

Aceyus VUE: 20 Solution Upgrades over Version 6.0

The Aceyus VUE application offers many new features that improve user experience, operational efficiency, and application serviceability. In addition, enhancements to key data integration software functions and security controls simplify access to all sources of actionable data.

In this blog, we review five of the 20 upgrades we’ve made to Aceyus VUE. It’s a never-ending process to hone the slicing edge of data integration solution technology that delivers a seamless, connected, and frictionless customer experience. Aceyus VUE is a revolutionary step forward for extending the availability and the power of contact center information.

New Navigation Bar

One of the most significant improvements we’ve made to Aceyus VUE is our new navigation bar, which replaces the navigation tree in Version 6.0. The new navigation bar is on the left side of the screen. Navigation is simplified with added screen space to view and manage data. The clear and concise labels help customers find the data aspects that matter.


Visualization of the New Navigation Bar.
The new Navigation Bar offers navigation categories that include Reports, Data Scopes, and Filters.


New Universal Search Function

Aceyus VUE also offers a new universal search function, allowing users to search a name or a string across all pages in the application. This timesaver helps customers stay on task and access and analyze data without abandoning the present page they are viewing. Users merely select “All” in the dropdown menu and enter the proper search term. Users may also choose a specific page from which to search for a term.


Visualization of the New Universal Search Function.
Search results indicate the location of a page or component. For example, “Dashboards,” “Data Scopes,” “Reports,” “Security Groups, etc.”


Upgraded Charts and Graphs 

In versions prior to Aceyus VUE, graphs and charts could only be seen by using them in a report run or on a dashboard. Aceyus VUE allows users to preview the appearance of a graph or chart before saving it. Now, users can make final changes before generating a report or a dashboard.


Visualization of Updated Charts and Graphs.
Preview a chart or graph, make revisions on the fly, and review different configurations to tell the best story in a single image.

Soft Delete/Recover Feature

A brand-new Soft Delete/Recover Feature saves users a lot of aggravation and offers considerable and peace-of-mind. This feature prevents the permanent deletion of any item. When an object is accidentally deleted in the application interface, the Soft Delete/Recover Feature retrieves it.


Visualization of Soft Delete and Recover Feature.
Eliminate the mistake of permanently deleting crucial work and data!


Unsaved Changes Notification

Aceyus VUE now offers Unsaved Changes Notification throughout the application. Should a user navigate away from an object while creating or editing it, Aceyus VUE prompts users to save changes before they are lost. Like the Soft Delete/Recover Feature, Unchanged Changes Notification preserves the latest improvements and changes before they vanish from a dashboard forever!


Unchanged Save Notification
Slow down and ultimately save time, your hard work, and great ideas!


These are five of the 20 significant upgrades to Aceyus VUE, which will help businesses further improve customer experience. To learn more about these upgrades as well as the other 15, schedule a demo today!

Also, rest assured that the Aceyus Development Team is already busy enhancing Version VUE as well as creating the next version of Aceyus VUE.



Byron Copley

Byron Copley

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