Like most software companies, Aceyus will, from time to time, discontinue offering and/or supporting its Software products1, or certain versions, for many reasons. This policy describes Aceyus’ general terms and procedures, including timing, for Software2 end of life matters.

General Availability

An Aceyus Software product will be considered in “General Availability” for the period of time beginning when the product is generally available to its licensees, and ending on the “End of Sale” date for the product, as described below.

During General Availability, Aceyus will provide Standard Support3, unless a customer has acquired and paid for additional or enhanced support.

As part of Standard Support, Aceyus will support only the current release4 and the immediately prior release of the product. The licensee may need to upgrade to a newer version of the product before gaining access to bug fixes, patches, or other updates.

End of Sale Date

The End of Sale Date for a release of an Aceyus Software product is the date Aceyus will stop selling licenses for that release. The End of Sale Date for an Aceyus Software product is the date that Aceyus will stop selling licenses for that Software product.

End of Life (EOL) Date

The EOL Date is the date when all Standard Support shall terminate for a particular release of the Software. There will typically be at least one year between the End of Sale Date to the End of Life Date.

Beginning of Extended Support

Extended Support for a release will usually begin the day immediately after the end of Standard Support for the release, as long as the licensee is under active maintenance5. Extended Support is available only at Aceyus’ discretion. Extended Support includes email and hot-line support, issue investigation and resolution advisement based on existing knowledge, and existing supported product releases and patches. During Extended Support, Aceyus may, at its sole discretion, provide qualified updates of critical priority.

1 This End of Life Policy does not apply to third-party products distributed by Aceyus. If Aceyus chooses to replace a third-party product, it will use commercially reasonable efforts to (i) provide its customers with reasonable notice of such discontinuance and (ii) replace the discontinued third-party product with another product containing substantially similar functionality. 2 “Software” means the Aceyus software program(s), in object code only, lawfully provided to you under an agreement with Aceyus or its distributor; all accompanying manuals and other documentation; and all enhancements, upgrades, and extensions thereto. 3 Standard Support means the standard maintenance and support to be provided by Aceyus or its designated agents as set forth in the Aceyus Support and Maintenance Terms and Conditions. 4 Release, or “Version Upgrade,” means the update to the Software made available by Aceyus and generally associated with significant functionality enhancements (or a large collection of minor enhancements). A Version Upgrade is any change to the Software that results in a modification to either of the first two numbers of the version designation. For example, upgrading from release 4.5 to 5.0 or from 5.0 to 6.0 would constitute a Version Upgrade. 5 Ongoing Standard or Extended Support is dependent on whether the Customer’s maintenance contract is fully paid.

Note: The above End of Life Policy is subject to change by Aceyus without notice.