Enhance contact center management through operational analytics.

Improve Overall Customer Satisfaction
Reduce Telecom, Technology & Staff Costs

Near-Term Operational Efficiencies & Long-Term Strategic Advantage

Over 150,000 agents

are monitored with Aceyus solutions every day. Our intelligence suite creates a competitive advantage by enabling business users with tools and actionable data to manage their contact centers.

Simple, flexible, cost-effective solutions for consolidated dashboards, reporting, and analytics.

Analytic packages to identify ineffective practices in the contact center.

Multi-vendor and multi-system support for data sources in the most complex environments.

Flexible architecture to meet the most robust High Availability (HA) requirements.

Seasoned professionals with extensive contact center experience and expertise.

Premise or Private Cloud-based reporting solutions for contact center staff, outsourcing vendors, clients, etc.

Aceyus is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the contact center marketplace.


Contact Center Intelligence

Aceyus Intelligence is a suite of products designed to optimize contact center operations through world-class reporting, contact treatment management, data collection and data transformation solutions. Aceyus products reflect thoughtful execution of concepts born from years of experience in the contact center space. Product innovation is driven through careful attention to our clients’ requests and creative collaboration to address their customers’ needs and provide a real business advantage.

Real-Time Dashboards

Historical Reporting

Data Integration & Warehousing

Contact Treatment Management

Customer Journey


Aceyus in Action.

Aceyus Improves Contact Center Reporting for Large Web-based Travel Company