Improve Customer Experiences With Customer Service Analytics

Leverage the power of real-time call center metrics and create a more efficient and effective contact center experience for your customers.

Eliminate Data Silos and Create Call Center Agility

Overcome negative customer experiences by uniting your internal and external data sources to gain a full visual of critical KPIs such as customer experience scores. 

Optimize Operations With Real-Time Data

Reduce wasted workforce labor and optimize call routing with real-time call and queue metrics that give a complete view of your call center operations. 

Track Agent Productivity Across Multiple Platforms

Improve team performance using flexible dashboards that give your managers the ability to review team insights and filter data down to view individual agent performance.

How it works

Improve Customer Experiences Through Advanced Call Center Reporting

Minimize overhead costs across your call centers by implementing modern reporting software designed to seamlessly track all avenues of communication with your modern customers in real-time. 

Something for everyone


Providing standard call center metrics for less complex environments.


Robust Integrations to pull third-party data into one dashboard.

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Gain visibility into your contact center operations in real-time, and leverage your data to improve your customer experience.

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Customize Call Center Dashboard Visibility Based on Specific Job Role

Create and use customized dashboards to gain visibility into various levels of operations including agent level, team level, and contact center level performance metrics.


Features Include

  • Agent Level Metrics
  • Team Level Metrics
  • Standard Call Metrics
  • Call Detail Records
  • Skill Group Metrics


  • Historical Data Retention 
  • Nimble Customer Support
  • Call Queues
  • Professional Services Available
Sr. Telecom Analyst

“Aceyus’ flexible reporting dashboard allows me to pull data in hourly segments on any given day and compare that data to the same time segment in my specified date range. If I want to see last Friday from 1pm – 4pm compared to the same time on previous Fridays in a given date range, it will allow me to do that. And that’s unheard of!”