how sales data can help tailor your sales pitch

Did you know the word Lexicon is Greek for dictionary? Dictionaries are tools that help us clarify written language. As it is with words, reports and dashboards can only provide valuable insights when it’s clear where the data is coming from within your operation and what exactly is being quantified. 

The reality for many organizations today is data is dispersed among several different siloed platforms that do not communicate with each other. Larger enterprise companies that have gone through stages of mergers and acquisitions will tend to have an even larger issue with siloed data.

One of the super powers of Aceyus is the ability to bring in your data from almost any source into concise reports and dashboards that are then easily consumed. If you’re not aware of valuable insights they cannot be acted upon. Is there a gold mine of data and insights at your organization waiting to be realized?


What does the Lexicon feature do?

The Lexicon feature of the Aceyus platform allows you to customize and rename data points that feed into your reports. This capability allows you to see your reports in  the exact terminology used in your organization.

In addition to the ability to rename data points, Lexicon also empowers you to add additional metadata and tags to provide even deeper context that matches the unique structure and flows of your contact center.

This metadata can be used to enable additional levels of filtering and categorization of your data which can uncover new insights and provide additional visibility on your reports and dashboards.


Aggregate and summarize data points with Hierarchy

Team up Lexicon with Hierarchy for an even more customized solution. Let’s say you have three technical support queues named like this:

  • Tech_Support_L1
  • Tech_Support_L2
  • Tech_Support_L3

Using the Hierarchy feature, you could define a rule known as a “key” to treat these objects as one grouping. With this data grouped, you could either summarize or average their metrics or do other computations.

This opens up new possibilities for your reports and dashboards, giving you more relevant insights into how your contact center is truly performing.


Ultimate flexibility with Aceyus

For almost two decades, Aceyus has been the leader in contact center intelligence. We bring together all your mission critical data sources and put them in front of decision makers in real time.

With features such as Lexicon and Hierarchy, our tools are ready to dive into your organization’s unique data infrastructure to help uncover customer and operational insights in real time. Aceyus helps find these hidden treasures locked in your data today and shine light on actionable insights that can make a world of difference. 


Want to see how Aceyus could be the right solution for you? Contact us today to get your free solutions consultation.

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Aceyus Team

Aceyus Team

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how sales data can help tailor your sales pitch
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