Unite Multiple Data Sources Using One Customer Journey Dashboard

Customer data is often scattered across multiple channels leading to disconnected customer experiences. With Aceyus, companies are able to bring this data together into a single view.

Improve Connections Using Contextual Data

Use contextual data to predict the next best action of your customers. Prevent poor customer interactions by meeting customers at the appropriate time in the purchase cycle. 

Compare Historical Omnichannel Metrics

Using the customer journey dashboard, get insights into how your clients interact with your brand, and learn how their needs may differ depending on their preferred channel of communication.

Simplify Communication by Reducing Handle Times

Increase conversions and upsells and reduce contact center costs using data to improve agent efficiency. Achieve higher first call resolution, lower average handle time, and reduced issue escalations. 

Understanding Your Customer Journey

Understand How Each Interaction Impacts Consumer Purchasing Decisions

Your customers have the opportunity to interact with your brand in a variety of channels prior to making a purchase decision. In order to gain a full understanding of these siloed interactions, you need a customer journey dashboard that unites the data into actionable takeaways. 

Call Center Customer Journey Reporting and Analytics Solutions

Custom platform integrations designed to help mid-market companies to global enterprises understand and improve the customer experience.


Providing out of the box metrics for small to mid-market companies


3rd party applications that plug into dashboards, giving a full customer experience picture.

Common Customer Data Integrations for Contact Centers

Integrate data from almost any source to provide real-time reporting and connect each communication touchpoint throughout the customer journey


  • Telephony/Call Center Software (Core Data Integrations)
  • Workforce Management Systems (WFM)
  • Workforce Optimization Software (WFO)
  • QA Systems
  • CRM
  • Ticketing System
  • Timekeeping/Payroll
  • Training Platform/LMS
  • Custom Data Sources and more…
Platform Transitions

Transitioning to a More Advanced Customer Journey Dashboard?

Aceyus’s reporting dashboards help to streamline these disruptive technology upgrades by centralizing your data into one real-time, easy to read dashboard.

Delivery Director

“When I hear the word ‘Aceyus,’ the first word that comes to mind is accountability - being your trusted partner, understanding your requirements, being able to deliver. It’s a very trustworthy organization and I would give them the keys to the car to let them help you with your business.”