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The Aceyus mission is to help people develop the insight to tell stories and use data for the greater good and to become the global leader of customer experience analysis.

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Core Values

  • We are Courteous, Considerate and Generous
  • We Welcome Feedback
  • We Value the Individual
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  • We Welcome the Challenge
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Leading Innovative Contact Center Solutions

Aceyus has always focused on bringing visibility to the data behind every customer interaction across contact centers. From core telephony data tracking to the maze of omnichannel communication, Aceyus continues to advance its data aggregation capabilities to bring you actionable insights needed to improve your customer journey.

Our History


Aceyus (ay•cee•us)

Operating under the banner of AC Solutions, Aceyus formed as a contact center solutions provider to help companies get the most from their contact center data. The goal was to deliver innovative tools that complimented reporting systems already in place. Early customers were large enterprises such as AT&T and T-Mobile.


First Reporting Platform Launched

Aceyus expanded its business reach by creating its first reporting platform in response to the needs of its large enterprise customers. The platform would improve visibility in vast stores of data from some of the most complex contact centers in the world, enabling clients to make informed decisions on how to optimize internal call center operations.


Aveyus Vault Released

Aceyus Vault was created to provide a central data repository for contact centers. This innovative tool helped enterprises efficiently consolidate information from complex, disparate contact center systems to provide value-added reporting solutions.


Avaya DevConnect Partnership Forged

The Aceyus Intelligence Suite underwent rigorous Avaya testing and was deemed and Avaya DevConnect Select Product. As an Avaya Select Partner Program participant, Aceyus’ market reach was extended and its reputation as an industry leader was solidified.


Aceyus 5.0 Introduced

In 2015, Aceyus proudly introduced the Aceyus 5.0 suite of reporting and management products. Aceyus 5.0 represents a quantum leap forward, delivering the functionality required to address the ever-expanding need for actionable data.


Aceyus 5.4 Released - Reporting Platform with Expanded Accessibility

In 2017, Aceyus 5.4 launched with a 508 Compliance certification, boosting Aceyus’s reach into the Government marketplace. Aceyus 5.4 also significantly broadened utility in international contact centers with expanded access to diversified language packs.


Aceyus 6 Hits the Market - Increased Flexibility Over Data and Agent Resources

Aceyus 6 hit the market in 2018 with advanced features that provided more flexibility to dashboard users at various management levels. The Aceyus 6 release granted large enterprises more control over their data management and contact center operations. Feature highlights include agent reskilling, lexicon hierarchy, and dashboards with gamification.


Aceyus VUE Released - Advanced Omnichannel Features to Improve Customer Experiences

In 2020, Aceyus VUE was released with highly advanced omnichannel reporting capabilities and single-view dashboards that present contact center metrics in real-time. Feature highlights include advanced IVR messaging capabilities, real-time routing logic updates, custom modern dashboards, and a cloud-based platform.

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