Call center software provides agents with the tools they need to assist customers efficiently while maintaining high call volume. Reliability is one of the most important characteristics of call centers, with uptime of 99.99 percent being a common requirement. Software should also allow call center managers to customize aspects of their operations such as the rules that determine call priority. A dashboard is essential for monitoring agent activity in real-time, allowing managers to make the rapid decisions needed to maintain efficient operations. An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is also an essential feature of call center software when the call center has a high volume of inbound calls.

Aceyus provides highly customizable dashboards and optimized reporting capabilities that unify data from multiple sources, which is becoming increasingly common with today’s omnichannel platforms. These features help call centers stay focused on customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX), which ultimately improves the bottom line. Three of Aceyus’ most popular solutions are Vault, Director and Assignment Manager.


Aceyus’ Vault is a reporting and analytics platform that provides consolidated reporting, customizable dashboards, and trend analysis.

Data Consolidation

Vault can pull data from any channel, including chat, email, and voice. It’s ideal for a multi-vendor environment because it can also get data from other systems such as customer relationship management (CRM) and workforce management (WFM) solutions. Vault is thus able to bring data to life with omnichannel reporting and a common interface.

Vault uses both standard and customized data adapters to consolidate data in the contact center. Its centralized repository manages and normalizes data to maximize reporting and analytics capabilities. These options include analytics on the customer’s journey across multiple interaction channels such as ACDs and interactive voice response (IVR). The consolidation of multiple ACD instances with other data sources is also an important feature of Vault, as is the ability to merge WFM data with hierarchical metrics for reporting purposes.

Customizable Dashboards

Aceyus’ call center dashboard can display real-time and historical data by using text, graphics and other data visualization elements. It can incorporate dynamic elements, which the user can configure to analyze trends in near real-time. These elements include data, charts, and graphs that the user can build in any size and resolution.

Trend Analysis

Vault’s reports provide actionable data to the people who need it, including holistic reports. These reports are compatible with most platforms used by today’s enterprise contact centers right out of the box. Vault also includes tools to help users create reports that contain historical, real-time and near-real-time data. Additional functions include various types of event alerts, including email, text messages and visual cues. Vault also provides a large variety of reporting options for filters and format.


Director is Aceyus’ solution for call routing, which manages call volume in real-time and allows users to achieve their business objectives efficiently.

Call Routing

Authenticated users can modify the rules for routing and IVR rules on the fly, providing managers with real-time updates on their operations. Furthermore, these modifications don’t require access to critical infrastructures such as ACD or IVR call processing platforms. Director logs all routing activity in an audit trail, so administrators can determine who made changes and when they made them. They can also generate ad-hoc and scheduled reports, which they can receive via email.

Director’s business rules engine lets users create their own parameters so that customers who meet the specified conditions can receive special contact treatment. It can also analyze inbound calls in real time, prompting logic-driven responses such as call routing instructions, escalations, and real-time alerts. Director maintains complete evaluation records that explain why it took every action.

Aceyus Director Gateway (ADG) provides Director with access to external platforms like Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), contact routing and IVR through standard protocols. It also enhances Director’s standard security and high-availability architecture. Furthermore, ADG allows Director to integrate with Cisco ICM through the ICM Application Gateway interface.

Management Tools

Director includes many common contact-routing management tools such as Percent Allocation and Hours of Operations. Percent Allocation allows users to direct contact volume to alternate destinations, which is useful for handling call overflow. Hours of Operation lets users control the contact center’s hours of operation, including the regular schedule and holidays. Managers can control schedules by site, skill and individual agent. It also allows managers to override standards settings, so they can immediately close centers in emergencies or keep them open longer to cover shifts for other sites.

Director also allows systems managers to develop their own custom tools, which Director’s contact processing logic can reference. These tools can manage outsourced contact volume, regulate customers’ exposure to new scripts and re-direct calls when infrastructure fails. Director’s simple interface also lets administrators quickly create tools for handling special cases such as message playbacks for unusually long wait times and inclement weather. Other examples of this type include routing calls to sales when agents are unavailable.

Customer Experience

Director allows users to manage customer experiences by facilitating the communication of customer information throughout the contact center. Additional options for optimizing customer experience include geo-redundant architecture and various adapters. Director’s representational state transfer (REST) application programming interface (API) allows customers to make their own applications for mobile devices and web browsers that interact with Director. This feature provides users with limitless ways to customize their experience. Administrators can also specify the tools each user can access and the objects they can modify, allowing them to expose controls based on each user’s role.

Assignment Manager

Call volume isn’t always predictable, especially in enterprise-level environments. The demand for agents in a contact center can hundreds of times each day, and contact center managers must respond to these fluctuations quickly to maintain operational efficiency. Aceyus Assignment Manager (AAM) offers this functionality by providing exceptional visibility and control over a contact center’s agents. AAM thus helps organizations deliver better customer service through faster and better-informed decision-making.


AAM is the newest module in Aceyus Director, allowing users to directly measure the performance of agent reskilling for the first time. This capability takes place in real-time and is visible from a single interface. AAM allows operational managers to allocate their customer service teams based on skill group assignments, typically for the purpose of meeting immediate service requirements.

Managers can also schedule the process of changing agents’ skills or reverting agents to their default skill assignments. These reskilling activities ensure that agents receive the calls best suited for their skill sets. AAM also allows calls to be routed based on the agent’s language and geographic region.

Managers can assign or remove skills from a single agent or group of agents for both the Avaya and Cisco platforms. Likewise, they can also assign or remove agents from a single skill or group of skills for both platforms. Furthermore, AAM allows managers to assign attributes to agents, which can be used by Precision Queue routing on Cisco platforms. These capabilities provide managers with the flexibility to schedule agents and skills in any configuration, including resetting an agent’s skills to their default setting.


AAM implements a number of security measures to control which changes users can make based on their roles and permissions. It also provides confirmation messages automatically to inform users of the number of agents their proposed skill change will affect. This feature prevents users from making wide-sweeping changes inadvertently. AAM also includes an audit trail to track these changes, including user making the change, the affected agents and the time the user made the change.

Operational managers can combine AAM with Aceyus Reporting to obtain additional benefits. These include performance measurement, along with the direct management of infrastructure and customer service teams. Managers can also use AAM and Aceyus Reporting to monitor the impact of these changes both historically and in real-time. These capabilities allow managers to quickly reallocate the contact center’s resources to meet its immediate service needs and instantly obtain the impact of reskilling on customer wait times.

What software is for you?

Getting the right answer to a question is one of the biggest complaints that customers have about contact centers. This problem most often takes the form of customers receiving different answers from different agents. However, it can also occur when customer service agents don’t know the answer and can’t find it on the company’s website.

Vault can help get these answers by pulling them from multiple sources, which is especially useful for enterprises with multiple vendors. Director can ensure that customers get the best response to a question by routing the call to an agent who is highly knowledgeable about that topic. AAM’s ability to measure agent performance can also improve the chances of multiple agents providing consistent answers to the same question.

Aceyus provides an innovative suite of solutions that make contact centers more intelligent. Our holistic approach to contact center operations allows clients to get the most out of their real-time and historical data. Contact us to learn more about how we can help improve your call center.

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