What is a Customer Experience Platform?

In today’s day and age, ensuring that your customers are having the best experience possible is a critical piece to the business success puzzle. In fact, statistics show that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. What are you doing to improve your customer experience? Surprisingly, many businesses aren’t taking any strides to fix their customer experience issues.  

The main reason businesses aren’t able to keep up with growing customer service demands is because they don’t have the right tools to help them in the day to day operations. Having a customer experience platform is the answer to the problems that many businesses face today. But, what is a customer experience platform and what does it do?

What is a Customer Experience Platform?

A customer experience platform brings connectivity across channels and organizes all of the virtual touch-points, allowing your agents to help your customers with confidence. Arming your contact center agents with this platform will give your customers the positive customer service interaction that they expect. When the burden is placed on the customer, no one wins. Giving your agents the correct tools will improve employee morale too! Having happy agents leads to happy customers.

How the Customer Experience Platform Improves the Customer Journey

There is no one-size-fits-all method to improving your customer’s experience. Each company has customers with unique problems specific to the business they are interacting with. Some businesses have an influx of customer service calls regarding services performed. Other businesses have a stream of live chat questions pertaining to product shipping delays. 

Because every customer journey is unique, you need to have a customer experience platform that is agile in filling all the gaps. Whether your agents are in charge of incoming calls or email service requests, bringing connectivity across the board to all of your agents will transform the customer experience even if they aren’t directly witnessing what happens in the background. 

Most of the time, customer’s don’t feel when they get the experience they expect, but they will feel when they get an unfavorable experience they don’t expect. Not only will that one person be impacted, but their reviews online and to their friends will leave a bigger impact that your business shouldn’t have to witness if you have the right systems in place.

The 6 Benefits of Utilizing a Customer Experience Platform

1. Organizes and manages customer interactions in real-time

Having the ability to organize and manage all of your customer interactions and data is necessary to help your customers without wasting precious time.

2. Provides visibility into cross-channel communication between customers and agents

One major hurdle that contact centers need to overcome is the lack of internal communication between agents. Gaining full visibility into the discussions that agents have with the customer regardless of the medium is important in helping the next agent better assist in a similar situation.

3. Analyzes performance statistics

Without knowing the metrics and stats, you won’t be able to gauge what is working and what isn’t with your customer service efforts. 

Customer experience platforms show you insight into your performance statistics to help your team make better data-driven decisions.

4. Tracks customer feedback to improve team performance

Feedback is an influential driver to conclude what the next moves to make are. With feedback, your team can delve deeper into the feelings that your customers have about their experience with your company. 

5. Showcases data through a customizable dashboard

It’s easier to oversee your data if everything is a single view. Managers can look at the numbers in one glance instead of having to dig through the many types of data sources to find what they are looking for.

6. Integrates easily with other call center software platforms

Call centers have many pieces of information that need to be stitched together to operate effectively. Having robust integration capabilities is integral to seamlessly matching all of your data sources together. 

Customer Experience and Your Business

Improving customer experience doesn’t have to be a burden to your team or a chore that just “has to get done.” Customer experience should be something that your business is continually improving because at the end of the day without your customers there is no business. Your customers should be at the core of your business, and implementing a new customer experience platform is the first step to tracking and seeing change.  

Where should you go from here? You have the motivation to move towards transforming your current operations and you want your customers to be more than just satisfied with your business. Schedule a demo to turn your insights into actionable data and improve the customer experience.


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