what does it mean to aggregate data

Call centers bring in a lot of data. Between the different avenues of communication, management platforms and locations, it’s easy to get lost in the sauce. 

What’s the best method to handle all these thousands of line items then, so it’s not just clutter in spreadsheets? Aggregating data, of course. But what does that really mean and what’s the best way to go about it? 


So what does it mean to aggregate data?

At its most simple form, aggregating data means to compile and summarize your data together. The call center space often has data flowing in from a plethora of sources: telephonic, email and social media to ACDs, workforce management platforms (WFMs), CRMs and even customer surveys. If you operate in multiple locations, it can easily add up to hundreds of thousands of line items – with nobody wanting to go through it all manually. 

The process of data aggregation helps to compile this data together to, ideally, give you a complete look into your company’s performance. To make matters better, you can then easily feed this into a data visualization platform to help you make sense of your data in a better-grouped format.


The importance of aggregating data for call centers

Why do we even look at data? It’s usually not just for fun, unless you’re a very gung-ho data scientist. Even then, there would be a purpose or something you’re trying to see outside of an afternoon jolly. 

Historical data serves a dual purpose. The point of having data to begin with is to be able to look back to see how you’ve been doing, and then be able to forecast and predict in order to prepare accordingly to succeed. 

When you’re able to get insight into those two arenas, that unlocks your organization’s ability to succeed and excel. You can’t expect to improve and increase profits if you don’t know which direction to steer. 


How do I set up a data aggregation process?

There are two ways you could go about your data aggregation process: manually or automated. As you can probably guess, the manual option is going to take a lot of time – and a lot of effort and resources. If you are in fact dealing with tens of thousands of lines of data, it’s likely you may be working for hours for minimum results. Nobody has time for that.

So that leaves an automated way. Granted, yes: There will be an investment involved with means to automate your data aggregation. But when you consider that it may take up to a year to get a report back to know how your company is doing, it seems like there’s a lot of effort for an untimely overview. It’s clear that you’re probably losing out more by waiting for something manual than an investment into a data aggregation and reporting tool


Best data aggregation methods and practices

To start off your data aggregation strategy, the best practices will involve you answering these questions first:

  • What are our goals?
  • What data informs how we’re doing on our goals?
  • How do we want to group our data?
  • What kind of reports will we always need?

From there, these answers start laying out your data aggregation plan for you. You’ll need to decide with your leadership team how to answer this. Once you’ve gotten that laid out, you can start with your process (hopefully the automated version) and get your data ready to feed your team analytics and how your organization can grow and improve. 


What should I expect from my data aggregation service?

There are several platforms, like Aceyus, that can help you automate. If you’re successful, you’ll end up with a product like ours that not only aggregates all your data, but then allows you to automate reporting, data visualization and dashboards that give you necessary insight into your customer journeys. From there, you’ll know in real time how you’re performing and how you may need to adjust now to maximize your production. 

It’s no secret that data is the secret sauce to grow your call center’s efficiency. Not everyone knows what to do with data and how to make it work for them though. Start with your data aggregation methods and processes so you can turn that into data visualization and customer journey maps and make your margin grow. 



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what does it mean to aggregate data

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