ata systems management tool that makes your operational needs and updates easier

Have you ever tracked the amount of time it takes to make operational updates to your call routing logic? It can be a daunting process, that often isn’t made as timely as you need it to be. 

Thankfully, it no longer has to be a race against time with Aceyus Director. While Aceyus has a plethora of tools in our suite of solutions to aid your data operational needs, a customer favorite is Aceyus Director. This tool allows for what is typically a manual, laborious operational process to be made easy. You gain several efficiency gains when handling items such as Hours of Operation updates, Percent Allocation changes, or any other dynamic call routing triggers in your scripting environment. Read along to hear and see more of what Aceyus Director is and how it can make your day-to-day tasks easier. 


ata systems management tool that makes your operational needs and updates easier

What is Aceyus Director? 

Aceyus Director is a web-based tool for your organization’s call routing optimization needs. This tool allows you to modify routing rules at a moment’s notice – without having to go through your usual IT ticketing process. 

With Director, commonly-used routing management tools are provided to manage your Percent Allocation, Hours of Operation and other dynamic routing rules for any predetermined circumstances are easily modified and implemented. The typically laborious task of configuring Hours of Operation logic, including Holidays and Emergency conditions, is greatly simplified and can be controlled by your operational teams as opposed to your technology staff. With the ability to see and manage your Percent Allocation rate, users can more confidently direct contact volume to alternate call destinations with ease.  In addition, Director also offers system managers the ability to create custom tools for managing user variables that are referenced in contact processing logic. 


ata systems management tool that makes your operational needs and updates easier

What are the key functions of Aceyus Director? 

The Aceyus Director suite offers several key functions to make your operational tasks easier to handle, such as: 

  • Hours of Operation 

Control hours of operation and holiday schedules at the site level, and at the individual queue or skill level. This tool includes the ability to override settings and immediately close sites in case of emergencies, or keep centers open longer to cover shifts at other sites. 

  • Percent Allocation 

Manage outsourced contact volume, pace your customers’ exposure to new script roll outs, or redirect contact volume when network infrastructure components fail. 

  • Custom Tools 

 With Aceyus Director’s simple interface, system administrators can quickly establish new contact treatment tools such as special message playback (e.g., inclement weather and long queue times), modifying control parameters to affect contact overflow (e.g., overflow of service contact routing to sales when less than five agents are available) and any other conceivable parameters. 

  • Access Controls 

Administrators can specify which tools each user can access and the specific objects each user can modify, providing the ability to hide or expose controls based on user role or individual permissions. 

  • Audit Trail 

All Director activity is logged in the Audit Trail providing a consolidated summary of who has made changes and when. 

  • Director REST API 

The REST API allows users to create their own mobile or Web-based applications that interact with the Director platform to offer limitless customization of the user interface. 


ata systems management tool that makes your operational needs and updates easier

How else can Director benefit me? 

Simply put, functions that Aceyus Director offers make your job easier and provides more control to your end users, freeing up technical staff for ad-hoc scripting changes as conditions change. 

It does this by streamlining several of your operational tasks. With the simple addition of AAM as well, you get all the features of Director with the added feature to allow front-line operational managers to allocate customer service teams to meet service needs via re-skilling and skill group assignments. Skill changes, reverting to default skill changes and reverting to default skill assignments may be scheduled to automate re-skilling activities.  

Director also provides the ability for system managers to create custom call routing tools in order to manage user variables that are referenced in their call routing scripts. 

These functions of Director will even extend access to external platforms (such as IVR, CTI and even non-Contact Routing) with Director Gateway via standard web service protocols. While Director is typically deployed in a Cisco ICM/UCCE environment, this is not a requirement. Other application platforms can communicate with the Director databases to obtain lookup values via SQL Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) or web services. 

Enhance standard security and availability architecture with the Director solution.


ata systems management tool that makes your operational needs and updates easier

How can I get started? 

Aceyus is ready to provide you with tools like Aceyus Director, and many others from our suite of solutions. Speak with one of our representatives for a free solutions consultation and they’ll be able to guide you through your options to start transforming your data and operational needs.  

Reach out now in order to start your hassle-free consultation. 

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