reskilling made easy with Aceyus Assignment Manager AAM data systems management

How much time do you lose because you can’t easily optimize your team’s assignments and schedules as often as you need to?  

Call volume does not always arrive as predicted. Customer service requirements are in constant flux. Operations managers must be able to adapt quickly when managing resources.  

Agent reskilling Is one way that managers can meet these fluctuations head on. However, reskilling often requires IT resources to make the changes, sometimes hundreds of times per day. Meet Aceyus Assignment Manager (AAM): a call center software feature Aceyus offers, in tandem with Aceyus Director, to be the data systems management solution to these conundrums. 


First, what is Director? 

Aceyus Director is a web-based tool for your organization’s call routing optimization needs. This tool allows you to modify routing rules at a moment’s notice – without having to go through your usual IT ticketing process.  

With Director, commonly used routing management tools are provided to manage your Percent Allocation, Hours of Operation and other dynamic routing rules for any predetermined circumstances are easily modified and implemented. 


reskilling made easy with Aceyus Assignment Manager AAM


What is AAM and how does it work with Director? 

Aceyus Assignment Manager, or commonly referred to as AAM, is in essence an added data systems management enhancement to Aceyus Director that allows for further organizational optimization.  

AAM allows non-IT contact center staff, such as supervisors or team leads, to change skill group and/or precision queue attribute assignments without requiring administrator access to the UCCE Administration Workstation. 


What are AAM’s features? 

As a feature that lies on top of Aceyus Director, AAM offers you all the functionality of Director along with some exceedingly helpful functions to bring you ease to your operational efforts. Gain paramount functions for your management such as: 

  • Security and Access Control 

AAM provides a role and permissions-based security model that determines the type and extent of changes that can be made by users. Administrators can specify which agents, skills group and attributes are able to be modified or used on a peruser basis. 

  • Skill Groups 

With AAM’s simple interface, users can assign or remove skills from single or multiple agents. Conversely, users can assign single or multiple agents to either single skill groups or multiple skill groups. 

reskilling made easy with Aceyus Assignment Manager AAM


  • Precision Queue Attributes 

For customers using UCCE Precision Routing, AAM provides the ability to assign or remove attributes, and set attribute values to single or multiple agents. 

  • Audit Trail 

All AAM activity is logged in the Audit Trail, so administrators can see who has made changes and when. Audit reports can be ad-hoc or scheduled. 

  • Real-Time and Scheduled Changes 

AAM can be used to make immediate changes in real time or changes can be scheduled to happen at a later date and time. Recurring schedules can be used to automate daily changes to simplify work and reduce risk. Schedules can be used to add, delete or completely replace both skill group and or attribute assignments. 

  • Agent Groups 

AAM provides the ability to combine agents and teams of agents into agent groups. This allows users to setup and control the list of agents being updated more easily. 

  • Agent Profiles 

Similar to agent groups, AAM allows users to create agent profiles which contain lists of Skill Groups and/or Precision Routing Attributes that are to be updated. 

  • Search, Sort and Quick View 

The AAM interface provides easy ability to search and sort lists of agents, skill groups or attributes. In addition, simply hovering over the agent’s name will show you the current skill groups and attributes assigned to the given agent.


reskilling made easy with Aceyus Assignment Manager AAM


How will AAM help me? 

Aceyus Assignment Manager allows front-line operational managers to staff customer service teams via re-skilling and skill group assignments to meet service needs.  

Skill group assignment changes for additions and deletions, as well as reverting to default skill assignments, may be scheduled to automate routine re-skilling activities. 

For UCCE customers who are using Precision Routing, Precision Queue Attributes can also be assigned, removed, assigned specific values in both real time or based on a schedule. 


How can I start using it? 

Initiating the connection with Aceyus Director to your data systems management and call center software is the first step. Once Director has been deployed, Aceyus can then enhance its features with the addition of AAM if you elect to do so. To commence execution for your data systems, contact the Aceyus sales team to get started on your solutions consultation. 


reskilling made easy with Aceyus Assignment Manager AAM


Your data systems management shouldn’t have to be so manual or arduous. As the popular cliché goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Aceyus Assignment Manager, along with Aceyus Director, is here to provide you with the way to make your operational updates an easy and seamless component of your call center software and efforts. Save your team the time and heartache of potential manual error with AAM today. 



Want to see the difference Aceyus Assignment Manager can make in your operational endeavors with your data systems management? Talk to our team today to deploy it as your newest call center solution. 

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