data aggregation tool, data visualization and data analytics
Need a tool for data aggregation, data visualization and data analytics? In this demo of VUE, Michelle Lighton breaks down how Aceyus brings data together and creates analytics that show you the full story behind your contact center. Check out VUE and see the difference you need.



Are you experiencing difficulty with your contact center’s data visualization and reporting? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your data isn’t actually updating in “real time” as promised. 

Here at Aceyus, we understand the challenges of the Contact Center and strive to offer solutions like VUE that are smart, simple and scalable.

VUE gives you the ability to aggregate and centralize data from all of your important data sources into a single reporting platform. VUE also brings visibility ​into your customer interactions allowing you to effectively manage the customer journey – in real time

Did you know that more data is being created than ever before? In fact, more than 90% of all data in the world has been created in the past 2 years… resulting in complex data structures.

So, we built VUE, which has been engineered to transform big data into easy to consume reports and dashboards. Essentially, we’ve removed the complexity found in legacy systems so you are able to gain the insights needed to scale as your company grows.

We partner closely with products like Amazon Connect, Twilio Flex, Avaya and Cisco, to offer a variety of out-of-the-box reporting and dashboard solutions, giving you immediate insight into your data.

From there, gain real-time visibility into your teams productivity with VUE’s state of the art dashboards. Visualize imperative metrics such as total calls handled, average handle time, average talk time, first call resolution and much more.

VUE’s reporting capabilities enable you to quickly gain the insight needed to measure your team’s overall performance. Dive into metrics such as Total Availability Time, Service Levels and Average Handle Time by Skill Group.

Have info you need that is time sensitive? With VUE,  receive important updates with custom alerts via text or email. 

Feel like this might be too much to handle on your own? You can rest assured knowing that our support team will help guide you throughout your Aceyus experience. 

Ready to see how much VUE could help you with reducing labor costs? Let’s take a look at this example.

Let’s say on average, managers and supervisors are spending approximately six hours every week in Excel to report on their teams’ performance. Now, let’s assume the average cost of your manager is $45 per hour and your team has 3 managers to coach, train and support agents.

That adds up to over $800 worth of time and resources spent on reporting each week and over 2 grand every month. VUE will likely cut the time spent on reporting in half, allowing you to spend your time more efficiently and effectively

As you can see, not only does VUE pay for itself, but you’ll add exponential efficiency gains and value. Allowing you to get back to the things that matter most: your team’s development and your customer’s satisfaction.

Ready to see what VUE can do for you? Contact Aceyus today to experience VUE for yourself. 

See the difference you need.

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Aceyus Team

Aceyus Team

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data aggregation tool, data visualization and data analytics
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