It’s a fact – in order to improve the efficiency of its operations, a contact center needs the ability to extract real-time and historical data from applications and transform that raw data into tangible, insightful information. Data reporting tools like Aceyus’ suite of solutions provide you with the following capabilities to help you reach this goal:

  • Multi-channel data reporting
  • Customer experience metrics
  • Net promoter score

Multi-Channel Data Reporting

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Call centers are now known as contact centers because they no longer solely answer phone calls. They must also connect with customers via a variety of other channels, including email, chat and social media. This requirement makes it critical for contact centers to have multi-channel reporting capabilities. Multi-channel data reporting tools can collect much more data than you can effectively review, so these tools also need to restrict their reporting to only the data you need to resolve a particular problem with your contact center.

Furthermore, managers must evaluate the same metric differently depending on the channel. Assume for this example that a manager is evaluating queue times to determine the length of time that customers are waiting to contact an agent. A queue time of five minutes is typically very short for a phone call, but it may be a bit too long for chat.

Customer Experience Metrics

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Contact centers routinely offer customers the opportunity to provide feedback about their experience, typically in the form of a survey. Managers can use survey scores to evaluate the overall performance of the contact center and its agents. By comparing an individual agent’s customer experience metrics with the company average allows managers to determine how agents are performing relative to their peers.

Customer experience metrics also contain an element of gamification, meaning they involve the use of game design elements and principles. This approach to employee evaluation can be highly effective in motivating agents and improving performance across many industry sectors.

Contact center operations lend themselves well to gamification since they require many people to perform similar tasks to meet a common set of business objectives. The competition that gamification fosters can help agents meet benchmarks in an engaging way, breaking through the stress and monotony of typical contact center life. Gamification is also beneficial for unifying employees with diverse ages and educational backgrounds, which is particularly common in contact centers.

Net Promoter Score

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Net promoter score (NPS) is the overall rating that customers use to rate their experience with a company. Customers are asked, “How likely are you to recommend the product or service to a friend or colleague?” and must respond with a score of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest score. Customers who assign a score of 4 or lower are detractors for the company, while those who assigned a score of 7 or more are promoters for that company. Customers who assign a score of 5 or 6 are considered passive.

An aggregate NPS score provides a high-level picture of the company’s customer service quality.

Aceyus’ reporting tools provide a complete range of contact center metrics based on historical, periodic, and real-time data. This capability allows you to narrow the focus of your reports to only the data that interests you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you solve your contact center challenges.

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