Aceyus is proud to announce our partnership with Symbee, a team of leading developers and consultative experts focused on the agent and customer experience, to provide a reporting and analytics solution for Symbee UNISON and Symbee ENGAGE. Both Symbee platforms are designed to accelerate the implementation and roadmap of Amazon Connect and Amazon Chime. Within our partnership with Symbee, Aceyus powers the Symbee Analytics platform, all built into Symbee UNISON and ENGAGE deployments at no additional cost.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Aceyus and Symbee partnership.



Symbee, a leading AWS partner, accelerates your AWS powered cloud communications journey with over 1,000 features built on Amazon Connect and Chime. 

Symbee provides accelerated deployment thus reducing the time spent implementing and maintaining Amazon Connect products.
Symbee continues to thrive by offering innovative solutions to help your business succeed. 

We’d like to introduce you to Symbee Analytics, powered by Aceyus 

Symbee Analytics provides robust analytics, reporting and dashboards all within a single platform. 

As you look to integrate and consolidate data from different platforms, Symbee Analytics will provide continuity in the look and feel as to enhance the overall ease of use of the product. 

Designed with Enterprise-Class flexibility and functionality, Symbee Analytics transforms your high value business data into actionable dashboards and reports, viewable through a responsive, web-based interface.  

Contact Center data continues to become more complex, requiring a significant investment to configure and deploy properly. When we factor in your omnichannel integrations, the complexities increase and Symbee is here to help collect and organize your data. Symbee Analytics uses reporting APIs to easily integrate with Amazon Connect’s portfolio of solutions. 

No need to keep hunting down your data from disparate reporting platforms, which can take a lot of time and energySymbee Analytics gives you an automated method to bring your data together into a single view from omnichannel sources. Acquire customizable solutions that integrate with multiple systems, wherever your data lives. 

As business needs change, Symbee Analytics is set up to scale these solutions alongside the computing and cloud storage capabilities of Amazon Connect. 

With hierarchy integration, security controls, agent and team-based permissions for reporting, Symbee Analytics enables Amazon Connect to serve diverse organizations of any size with significant reporting challenges. 

Simply put, Symbee Analytics provides a bridge from legacy on-premise platforms to cloud-based solutions. The analytics, reports and dashboard views you need remain consistent and user-friendly. Symbee ensures a smooth transition and implementation allowing your business to make better data-driven decisions. 

Is your business ready for best-in-class cloud solutions? Symbee Analytics, powered by Aceyus, is here to support you. 

Get started now and book a demo at today! 

Aceyus Team

Aceyus Team

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