Contact center managers face many demands from agents, business owners and customers. Inefficient reporting is often one of the underlying causes of dissatisfaction from contact center stakeholders, which can lead to delays in vital processes. Streamlining reporting also helps managers consolidate views from the many communication channels that modern contact centers use. Additional benefits of improved call center reports include improved customer experience.


Managing the data coming into today’s contact centers is a huge challenge that requires efficiency, including real-time reporting, multiple views and short load times.

Real-time Data

Aceyus Reporting helps our customers harness their information, providing them with actionable data in real-time and near real-time. These capabilities are critical for helping contact centers reach their peak performance by allowing managers to make quick, decisive decisions in real-time.

Users can display reports with both real-time and historical data in a variety of visual formats such as charts and graphs. Aceyus Reporting also includes an interface that allows users to customize their reporting without requiring programming skills like SQL. The only skill they need for efficiently building and editing their reports is knowledge of their contact center data, which contact center managers already possess. A senior telecom analyst from Sony reports that they sometimes needed up to a full data to gather the data they needed to generate reports with their old system. Aceyus Reporting allows them to perform the same task in minutes.


Aceyus Reporting provides multiple views of data, which help identify the agents who are currently offline based on attributes like business unit, language and geographic region. This capability lets managers know who they need to bring back from break to serve waiting customers. Aceyus Vault also lets managers combine data from different channels into a single report. System administrators can assign permissions for viewing reports based on the role of each user, ensuring they can only view the data their jobs require. Administrators can manage system access from their dashboard, including editing tools.

Loading Time

Contact center managers have historically needed to use many software tools to generate reports since data is often stored in separate databases, an architectural approach known as siloing. This fragmented process can make reporting highly time-consuming because each silo often has its own reporting system. Aceyus Vault has a data respository that can link data from different platforms like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Workflow Management (WFM). Vault can also reduce the time needed to generate reports by normalizing data elements and applying custom calculations to create a unified view of activities in the contact center, from contact details up to customer service levels.

Omni-Channel Views

Contact centers have used multiple channels to communicate with customers for years. However, true omni-channel capability requires a contact center to provide the same branding and message with all channels, which often isn’t the case with multi-channel contact centers.

Aceyus Reporting helps provide omni-channel reporting by pulling data from different channels such as chat, email and social media. This tool can also use data from custom data sources to generate reports. Furthermore, Reporting works seamlessly with a variety of platforms currently in common use, including Avaya, Cisco and Twilio. A Vice President of IT at Comcast says that Aceyus solutions provided this company with a holistic view of its operations across multiple platforms and contact centers.

Aceyus Vault brings omni-channel reporting to life by providing real-time and historical information in a common interface. It creates endless possibilities for reporting and analytics with its data repositories. For example, Vault can consolidate multiple automatic call distributor (ACD) instances with other data sources. It can also perform analytics of customer journeys across multiple channels such as ACDs and IVRs. Furthermore, Vault reports on hierarchical metrics by merging WFM data across these different sources.

The Aceyus Lexicon Hierarchy allows managers to customize their organization of omni-channel data by displaying elements according to their company’s organizational structure. Managers can also assign their own attributes to reporting objects with a point-and-click interface by grouping data to their requirement. Common hierarches that align reporting with business needs include customer segment, lines of business (LOBs) and geographic region.

Aceyus data adapters consolidate contact center data from disparate systems into the Aceyus Vault, allowing managers to efficiently monitor their operation. These include standard adapters that Aceyus provides, which work for most contact center platforms. However, Aceyus also provides custom-built adapters for virtually any platform that allows external data acquisition.

Better Customer Experience

Streamlined reporting also provides a better customer experience because even a slight delay in reporting can be enough to turn loyal, happy customers into frustrated customers. It allows managers to identify the types of customers in the queue and the types of agents waiting to take calls, so they can make any changes that are needed to improve customer experience.

For example, an agent manager could use the dashboard to see that the call queue has three Portuguese-speaking callers waiting to speak to agents. The manager could then see what the Portuguese-speaking agents in the call center were currently doing, whether they were on a call, on a break or engaged in some other activity. The next step for the manager would be to determine if the Portuguese-speaking agents not already on calls needed to take calls from the Portuguese-speaking customers.

Managers can no longer assess customer experience in their contact center just by looking at inbound calls. They must also relate those calls with other communication channels and even their brick-and-mortar locations to get the full picture of the customer’s journey towards the purchase of a product or service. Each channel in omni-channel contact center plays its own role for engaging customers. Aceyus solutions provide insight into these interactions, helping to serve them in their preferred channel.

Aceyus Customer Journey Reporting (CJR) saves time in the contact center by analyzing contacts and resulting specific issues. It’s indispensable for business analysts and support personnel who need to explore the experience of both agents and customers in detail. Business users can also use CJR to test contact routing, and IVR applications.

Aceyus Director helps users manage customer experience in real time, facilitating the communication of customer data throughout the contact center. Users can efficiently achieve their business objectives by modifying IVR and routing rules, thus updating contact center operations in real time. Director also includes tools such as Hours of Operations and Percentage Allocation that help manage the customer experience. Additional options for improving customer experience include Director’s geo-redundant architecture.

Aceyus First Contact Resolution (FCR) improves customer experience by analyzing repeat contacts to determine if corrective action is necessary. It helps managers distinguish between contacts that are sales opportunities and those from dissatisfied customers. FCR also delivers enhanced treatment to mitigate poor customer experiences.


The benefits of Aceyus reporting solution include improved efficiency, allowing contact center managers to make changes in real time. The trend towards omni-channel capability means that reports in the contact center also need to consolidate data from different channels. In addition, Aceyus reports help improve customer experience by quickly identifying corrective actions.

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