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Aceyus Delivers Dynamic Agent Targeting for Therapeutics Company

Aceyus Delivers Dynamic Agent Targeting for Therapeutics Company

Aceyus Delivers Dynamic Agent Targeting for Therapeutics Company

Prime Therapeutics is a pharmacy benefits management company, serving more than 26 million members through Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, third-party administrators, and employer groups. It started 25 years ago as a pharmacy program offering quality drug formulary services with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, and has grown exponentially to offer services like benefits design and consulting, prescription home delivery and drug safety programs. Primes 3,600 employees strive to help its members improve their quality of life and get the medicines they need by improving healthcare safety, raising customer service standards, and lowering pharmacy costs.

With People over Profits at the forefront of its business model, Prime Therapeutics Contact Center is key to making the customer experience an accurate and positive interaction for each of its members. As Prime continues to grow, it requires tools that allow for quicker reactions to ever-changing call delivery patterns and easy roll-out of new programs that better-serve its members. Delivering each call to the proper Prime resource for effective resolution is key for continual success in its Customer Journey.

In 2012, Prime contracted with Aceyus, Inc. to install and configure Director, a Web-based software that business users can use to modify routing rules at a moments notice without accessing critical infrastructure. After years as a trusted Pro Services vendor to Prime, Aceyus helped the company successfully leverage Directors management tools to direct the Contact Centers call volume. Prime has continued to expand on its Aceyus product knowledge to build several of its own tools inside user-friendly Director.

After continued success using Director, Prime decided to use the solution to facilitate the flexible targeting and rotation of its Agents to different routing destinations. Essentially, Prime needed its Contact Center managers to have Agent Targeting capabilities to streamline its customer service and protect its valuable Skilled Group Agents from taking unnecessary calls. Preferably, escalating calls would be handled by Team Leads or Supervisors (Target Agents) before routing them on to the Skilled Group. In other words, the Target Agents would protect the Contact Center from mismanaging its Skilled Group Agent resources.

Prime proposed to divide its Contact Center representatives into various teams that would change every six months when the reps could bid for different positions. The team changes had to be easily and flexibly managed by the Contact Center managers, and each team would have 15-20 agents, two Team Leads and a Supervisor. The goal was to progressively target each of the Team Leads, then the Supervisor if initial Agents had to transfer an escalating call. If a call was transferred and sitting in the queue without getting picked up by one of the Targeted Agents, the call would be routed into a script after a specified period of time. The script would determine which Skill Group should take the call and then would deliver the call to a pool of Agents in that Skill Group.

Given the complexity of the project and all of its requirements, Prime hired Aceyus trusted Professional Services team to consult and execute. Prime wanted managers to be able to make frequent Team and routing changes with ease while protecting key infrastructure. The plan was to create an easy-to-manage table with Director that would contain every Agent, RSA, Team Lead and Supervisor along with fields that detailed each persons assigned team and Agent ID. As long as managers had the corresponding IDs, moving Agents around to new teams would be easy and flexible, and Directors granular security features would prevent the managers from making small but devastating errors when creating routing changes.

The bulk of the work for Aceyus Professional Services lay in integrating the ICM, leveraging its potential to target a specific Prime Agent with Director. Because Director could supply Agent IDs, Aceyus was able to write a single script that covered all teams instead of the typical one script per team. When a Prime Agent called in, the script would dig through the Director table, discern which Team the Agent belonged to and route the call to the appropriate Team Leads, then Supervisor using precision queues. This type of routing had parameters but was also dynamic, more of an Agent-based than Skills-based routing platform.

This project was successful because Prime knew its Contact Center data and used user-friendly solutions from Aceyus to build its own tool to neutralize a recurring inconvenience. With precise team routing, Prime was able to streamline customer service while protecting its higher-paid Skilled Group Agents from handling unnecessary calls. Used in a sales context, implications from this case are particularly promising. Companies can target their sales agents, prioritizing top performers by moving them to the front of the queue, greatly reducing the impact of dropped or mistakenly routed calls on top sales agents.

Whether your main focus is in sales or customer service, dynamic tools that deliver visibility into Contact Center operations are invaluable to enterprises that want to predict trends and exceed productivity goals in a business world where the only constant is change. Aceyus Professional Services helped Prime turn its idea into a reality so it could further align its Contact Center operations with its mission to provide to people better [health]care at lower cost.

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