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Frost & Sullivan 2018 Wrap Up

Frost & Sullivan 2018 Wrap Up

Frost & Sullivan Executive Mind Xchange, Customer Contact West

October 21st-24th, 2018 in Phoenix, AZ

The call center software industry is undergoing significant transformation due to trends and challenges in the industry – high customer expectations, artificial intelligence, automation, data integration – just to name a few. Frost & Sullivan’s Executive Mind Xchange, Customer Contact West, delivered real-world experiences, best practices and inspiration to customer service executives that want to meet these challenges head on in the interest of the customer experience innovation.

Aceyus had a strong thought leadership presence at the event, driving discussions about new business technologies, data integration and how enterprises can leverage omni-channel data to create better customer and agent experiences.

  • Frost & Sullivan has awarded Aceyus its 2018 Product Leadership Award in the Contact Center Software Industry, in recognition of its strong and innovative product design, unique Partner ecosystem and overall performance in the market.

“To achieve product leadership is never an easy task, but it is one made even more difficult considering today’s competitive intensity, customer volatility, and economic uncertainty—not to mention the difficulty of innovating in an environment of escalating challenges to intellectual property. Within this context, [selecting Aceyus] as recipient of this Award signifies an even greater accomplishment.”

There is a tremendous market need to integrate data from multiple technology platforms as businesses add engagement channels to remain competitive. Aceyus helps large, complex enterprises integrate their various data sources – IVRs, agent/supervisor desktops, CRM platforms, WFM, social media and Web – for a holistic view of both the customer and agent experience. The Aceyus platform feeds normalized data to mobile applications, websites, CRM systems, and WFM systems via Aceyus APIs.

  • Aceyus Senior Manager, Jacob Britt, and Aceyus Business Leader, Mike Ary, led an interactive presentation titled, “Operationalizing Omni - Challenges in the New Digital World”.

The customer care landscape continues to change as enterprises adopt new technologies to remain competitive in light of evolving customer preferences. Inadvertently, the data needed to optimize customer engagement and drive better business outcomes in these new channels is often unused or unavailable. Aceyus offered best practices and strategies on how to leverage data in new and legacy systems to drive more effective omni-channel strategies and meet organizational objectives, like elevating the customer experience and reducing agent turnover.

Key take-aways from the session included:

  • o Best practices for introducing new digital channels in a complex, changing customer service environment.
  • o Tips on how to identify and address critical customer “engagement moments” to elevate the customer experience (CX) in every digital channel.
  • o Strategies on how to balance improved CX with the impacts on the agent experience in light of high agent turnover, the significant cost of agent training, and agent capabilities that vary between channels.
  • o Insights into why metrics are shifting away from transitional metrics towards “experience-based” metrics, requiring new tools and data that may have been previously unavailable.
  • o Guidelines for making sense of the data across an omni-channel environment and using it to improve business operations.

Operational Omni-Channel

"Why do your customers contact you?"

  • Aceyus hosted a topic table where content covered the impact of the agent experience on customer experience. Businesses can take full advantage of critical customer "engagement moments" by empowering agents with access to real-time data at the desktop level. Discussions on the topic covered integrations of the Aceyus platform with Cisco Finesse (i.e., Upstream Works) and Salesforce (i.e., Bucher & Suter), and Aceyus APIs with webpages and iFrames.
Omni channel


Agent Dashboards

Aceyus is proud to be recognized for our product leadership in the contact center software industry. We extend a big “thank you” to Frost & Sullivan for awarding us a Best Practices Award and for hosting another memorable event. This was Aceyus’ fourth Executive Mind Xchange and we look forward to more Frost & Sullivan events in the future.


In the meantime, if you want more information about Aceyus or need help integrating customer data to drive better business outcomes, contact our experts. Our omni-channel capabilities can amplify the effectiveness of your contact center.

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