Contact center technologies can be incredibly confusing and misleading. To ensure you know exactly what Aceyus does and what we don’t, take a look at the most commonly asked questions we get from contact center leaders like you. 

1. What’s different about your reporting than the one I have with my ACD?

A. Aceyus has the ability to aggregate data from many different sources – not just ACDs – and provides a centralized, consolidated platform for contact center analytics, reporting and dashboard. You can integrate data from a variety of different systems that allows you to manage all of your contact center data across all of your channels.

2. Do you offer more than reporting?

A.The value that Aceyus delivers certainly goes beyond just reporting. With the need to ensure information is communicated in real-time to the people that need it, the foundation of both data experience and customer experience is a critical component we look to get right. Aceyus also provides additional solutions for call routing optimization, agent reskilling and attribute management. 

3. How do you collect and integrate data?

A. We incorporate data with integrations for various platforms provided by third-party vendors, with the ability to create custom data integrations where necessary. From there, we collect into the Aceyus Vault – an enterprise data warehouse specifically designed and tuned to address the complex needs of contact centers. With scalability in mind, the Vault is built to support vast quantities of data. 

4. How do you provide customer journey visualization?

A. You can leverage the Aceyus platform to integrate data from all kinds of sources, and have flexibility on how we can display it. Emphasizing on the articulation of a customer’s journey, we provide meaningful dashboards or reports that can be configured to meet the needs of your company, visualizing on either an individual basis or aggregated.

5. Can you help with re-skilling?

A. Yes! Aceyus provides a Director Plus solution, including capabilities for call routing optimization, facility-based management, agent reskilling and attribute management. We offer a flexible interface to manage agent assignments and offer you the ability to push these out without requiring scripting adjustments or IT team intervention. In addition, schedules can be arranged to automatically reset to help you meet demands throughout the day. 

6. Can you help with our IVR interactions?

A. Aceyus can help you address IVR interactions via our data integrations. Our platform can allow you to create specific reports or dashboards that include this data, giving you visibility to gaps in the call paths throughout your IVR journeys. 

7. What integrations do you support?

A. We support a wide variety of data integrations with other platforms. Our integration partners include several technology areas, such as cloud technology partners, communications platforms, WFO/WFM solutions and CRM/case management systems. 

8. What are the differences between product offerings?

A. Our product is currently broken up into three tiers: VUE, VUE Premium and VUE Enterprise. VUE starts off with providing out-of-the-box reporting and dashboards. VUE Premium builds upon that for mid-market to small enterprises to provide insights to multi-channel analytics and the ability to edit reports and dashboards yourself with ease. VUE Enterprise goes further into robust contact center reporting, giving you visibility from multiple sources, personalized customer experiences and dedicated customer success teams.

9. How long do you store data?

A. Aceyus can store your data anywhere from a minimum of nine months minimum to indefinitelyas long as you need, dependent on your service level and needs. 

10. Is there IT support in this product to help decrease our internal IT ticket volume?

A. Yes – our Aceyus team can assist with your IT support for our platform through either phone or email support. Upgraded support is available depending on the product you use.dependent on your service level.

11. How are you different from Power BI and Tableau type offerings?

A. The two major components that separate us from Power BI and Tableau are our true real-time views into your data and reporting, as well as our focus and emphasis on call center functions and metrics specifically, helping to map these out for your operational scenarios and decision-making.

12. Can your product support customized reporting and dashboard needs?

A. The Aceyus platform provides great flexibility for you to have the visualizations you need to optimize your contact center operations and drive your business successfully. We can enable you to have tailored reports and dashboards needed for virtually any member of your organization.