Case Study:

How a Global Hospitality Company Took Control of Efficiency and Performance with Aceyus Call Center Tracking Solutions

When a $20 billion hospitality company’s legacy system lacked flexible reporting and real-time monitoring, they knew they had to make a switch. They needed a platform that could integrate with their current IEX Staffing System so managers could have complete visibility into agent productivity.

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In this guide, you'll learn:

The benefits of real-time analytics dashboards for contact centers

How integrated real-time dashboards increase visibility and productivity

How the Aceyus dashboard provides quick identifiable queue metrics in real-time

How easy it is to transition a legacy system to Aceyus’ platform

Get real-time actionable insights and improve your customer journey.

Change the role of your contact center from a basic service to a competitive advantage. Use advanced analytics to make dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction.