Aceyus announced today the launch of the Aceyus Connections customer engagement module. Already gaining attention from several of Aceyus’ most notable clients, the module allows users to view customer journey data from any of the channels that make up the emerging Customer Engagement Center (CEC).

Aceyus clients continue to seek additional customer service advantages that a seamless engagement center environment would offer. Aceyus Connections introduces omnichannel capabilities that efficiently deliver these advantages in the form of customer journey analytics analytics that are difficult to achieve in a siloed data environment.

Aceyus Connections’ powerful user interface and data visualization tools utilize Aceyus’ existing data integration and normalization architecture to help users understand customer interactions regardless of the channel the customer chooses. The level of contact and contextual detail Aceyus Connections affords will help Aceyus customers provide effective sales and support to their consumers from any channel in the CEC.

“Aceyus Connections is not a static platform either. It is deliberately modular so that you can add more data sources to it as the popular social networks grow and shift, and as new customer contact channels are developed,” says Ben Vesta, Vice President of Product Development at Aceyus. “Aceyus Connections’ omnichannel capabilities will help companies build brand loyalty, improve their cost per resolution, and provide a better customer experience.”

Aceyus Connections provides companies with a seamless, effective way to interact with their consumers from any channel.

To learn more about Aceyus’s omnichannel capabilities click here.

Aceyus Team

Aceyus Team

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