Eliminate Data Silos

Contact centers use data to make decisions, which requires their data to be readily available to anyone who needs it. However, data silos often prevent this from occurring, since they don’t share information easily with each other. The right technology can eliminate this problem by centralizing and combining data from multiple sources, allowing you to make decisions more quickly.

1. Overview

A data silo is an insular repository of information that’s incapable of sharing information with other silos, even when that data is related. Each data set remains trapped in its silo, similar to the way grain gets trapped in a physical silo. A data silo typically contains a lot of information that’s freely available within the silo, but that information has no effect outside the silo. This architecture is an obstacle for businesses like contact centers that need to perform data analytics before their data can provide any benefits.

Silos can occur when a contact center’s data systems aren’t integrated with other data systems, usually as the result of architectural incompatibility. These problems may exist in the applications, data or infrastructure, although the data architectural layer is usually the primary culprit. This is typically due to the limitations of traditional data modeling techniques.

2. Problems

Data silos result in different groups of people looking at different data sets, even when they’re working on similar tasks. This situation is detrimental to contact centers, especially when a company is growing quickly. For example, two groups can spend months trying to solve the same problem without realizing it. In addition, one team can make an unexpected breakthrough that would benefit other groups. In either case, data silos hamper collaboration and waste time.

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3. Analysis

Contact center leaders should actively promote collaboration and transparency from the top down. They should also quickly recognize when silos are hurting employee experience due to a lack of communication between groups. Small problems with collaboration can quickly become major problems that prevent a company from thriving.

The elimination of data silos begins with an analysis of your problems, which requires an internal audit. The time and money needed to complete this process is directly related to the complexity of your data in many cases. An audit should identify the data that each group needs and when they need it. It can also determine if your corporate culture encourages collaboration, which is essential if the removal of silos is to benefit your contact center.

4. Solutions

Once you’ve analyzed your data requirements, you can begin searching for the technology to help you eliminate silos. The right data reporting tools provides the transparency and collaboration needed to knock down silos. The short-term cost of implementing these solutions provides long-term benefits such as capturing clean data.

The latest contact center technology integrates your data silos, allowing your analytics team to identify interrelationships between separate pieces of customer information. The data of greatest value to a contact center includes purchases, brand interaction and attitudes about your brand. Integrating these facts provides you with a deeper insight into your customers’ behavior, such as why they buy from you and whether they would recommend you.

5. How We Can Help

Customers who have been mistreated by a company are becoming less forgiving about it and now have strong voices on social media and other platforms. However, customers can also become promoters who sing your praises. Smart contact center managers can leverage customer data more effectively by rejecting data silos that require each department to use only the data from their own silo.

Aceyus understands the importance of removing silos from your contact center’s infrastructure. Our data reporting tools make your multi-channel data easily accessible by anyone who needs it, providing your team with valuable data insights at their fingertips. Schedule your personalized demo today to see how our solutions can include the experience of your customers and employees. You can also contact us to find out more on how we can improve operations in your contact center.

Miles Hammond

Miles Hammond

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Eliminate Data Silos
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