Contact center agents need a variety of skills to be successful in today’s fast-paced business world, including communication, product knowledge and critical thinking. Training and coaching can certainly develop these skills, but contact centers will get better results from agents who already have these skills.

However, agents can be difficult to recruit in the current market, making it critical to attract experienced candidates. Contact center managers must thoughtfully compose both the title and description to create a job posting that these candidates will want to click.

Here are 4 Ways to Create a Click-Worthy Job Posting for Your Agency

1. Choose your job posting title.

The post title is your first chance to make an impression on a call center agent, so you need to choose it with care. Keep in mind that the post title doesn’t need to be identical to the job description title. You want to be innovative to stand out from your competitors, although you don’t want the post title to be so far out there that no one knows what you’re looking for. 

Applicants will be looking for job titles they believe they’re qualified for, so it needs to be clear, descriptive and positive. You should avoid using just the phrase “contact center agent,” but your title should still be brief, even if you use a more detailed title internally.

2. Outline the hiring process.

A job posting should contain a summary of the steps in the hiring process that applicants can expect to go through to give them greater confidence when applying for the position. This section should at least include the number of interviews they’ll need to provide and the people they’ll be interviewing with. A timeline is also helpful for setting a candidate’s expectations, especially if you have a longer hiring process.

Many contact centers require several weeks in their interview process to make a hiring decision, during which top candidates will often find employment elsewhere. Furthermore, a quick hire helps create a positive impression that remains after the employee is on the job. 

Review your hiring process periodically to identify any steps that may have become superfluous. It’s also important to communicate your hiring decision to the candidates as quickly as possible, including the ones you didn’t select.

3. List the benefits.

Applicants are usually reviewing a large number of open positions and postings , so they’ll typically read them quickly. You probably have only a few seconds to get their attention, so you need to highlight the position’s benefits.

Identify the most important benefits and describe them first, including salary, retirement plans and other forms of compensation. If you offer options such as telecommuting and part-time schedules, you should certainly include this information in the posting. Job location is also an important consideration for candidates, especially if it’s in a large metropolitan area.

4. Discuss the company background and culture.

Financial compensation is usually the key factor in choosing employment, but candidates also want to know what it’s like to actually work in your contact center. A job posting that provides your company’s culture and core values can be a critical factor in helping candidates decide if they’re a good fit for the position. Factors such as career development, teamwork and training are all important to candidates, but different corporate cultures place a different emphasis on each of these aspects of employment.

Your brand personality should permeate all of your public communications, including job postings. Not only does this approach help distinguish your contact center from its competitors, it also attracts the candidates who are most likely to succeed in your contact center. Be creative when making your job posting exciting and memorable, but remember to keep it professional as well.

Train Your New Hires to Be Successful

Alison’s customer service training is an online course that requires one to two hours to complete. It shows agents how to handle challenging interactions by explaining why they occur and also covers basic concepts. This course also promotes a customer-focused approach and covers topics such as handling complaints and identifying stressful situations. It’s designed for employees in all stages of their careers.

This customer relations training class from edX teaches attendant customer service by using videos of actual interactions in industries such as food service, hospitality and retail. It focuses on the analysis of these interactions and draws corollaries with the students’ own industries. This free course requires two to three hours to complete over an eight-week period.


Top candidates will also be attracted to a contact center that uses tools to make their lives easier. Aceyus offers true omni-channel reporting solutions that provide agents with the real-time data needed to solve customers’ problems quickly. Contact Aceyus today to learn more about how we can help you serve your customers.


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