Extend Contact Center Operations Management with Aceyus Director,

a Web-based solution that enables business users to manage application logic for Contact Routing, IVR or CTI platforms without granting access to key infrastructure.

Aceyus Director offers standard contact routing tools like Hours of Operation management with holiday and ad-hoc override capabilities, and Percent Allocation contact routing for distribution of calls to various target destinations. Director also allows system managers to create custom tools in order to manage call processing logic such as audio file names, binary on/off values and numeric lists.

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Key Features of Aceyus Director


Control your contact center’s hours of operation and holiday schedule at the site level, and the individual queue or skill level. This tool can override settings for emergency closures, meetings or extended business hours to cover shifts at other sites.


This tool manages outsourced call volume, paces your customers’ exposure to new script roll outs and redirects call volume when network infrastructure components fail. When Aceyus Director integration is complete, updates can be made without changing the call processing logic.


With Aceyus Director’s easy-to-use interface, system administrators can quickly establish new call routing tools. Create new application screens to expose control parameters that affect call overflow, IVR audio messages, treatment for special events like inclement weather or long queue times, and many other parameters.

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All Director changes are logged in the Audit Trail, providing administrators with an instant record of changes, including the user’s identity. Audit reports can be executed ad-hoc or automatically scheduled and delivered on a daily basis.

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Access to the Director tools and data is controlled via group management or user-specific permissions. Administrators can specify tools that a particular user can access and which data objects the user can modify.

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Like all Aceyus products, Aceyus Director supports Active Directory integration, allowing all password and group memberships to be managed via your Active Directory (AD) domain.

Director Application Extensions


Customers can employ their own mobile or internal applications that interact with the Director application platform through Director Rest API, providing exceptional flexibility for tool access.


The Director Gateway provides an application interface that extends access to the Director solution via standard protocols and methods. It provides security and survivability features that further enhance standard Director security and high availability architecture.

Director Gateway may be configured as a Web service that allows external platforms, e.g., IVR, CTI and Contact Routing, to access Director data using a standard “HTTP GET” method. In addition, it offers native integration with Cisco ICM through the ICM Application Gateway interface.

Common integrations include:


Avaya: Oceana, Aura, Breeze, Experience Portal

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