Bring Visibility to the Data Behind Every Customer Experience

Customer service is pivotal to the success of any business and the contact center is the epicenter of these efforts. Amazon Connect allows you to engage and support your customers from anywhere in the world. Aceyus provides your agents and managers with deeper, real-time visibility across all contact center channels. Together, Amazon Connect and Aceyus offer cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions designed specifically for contact center optimization.

Flexibility & Agility

Scale your contact center up or down to meet the ever-changing demands of your business. With just a few clicks you can modify routing rules, control hours of operation, establish new contact treatments, modify control parameters, automate re-skilling activities and much more. These capabilities are sure to improve customer experience and reduce resolution time.

Expansive Integrations

Aceyus and Amazon Connect come together to provide a seamless omnichannel experience for multi-vendor environments. Our partnership provides customers with a single-view of the customer journey and reporting capabilities across voice, web, chat, email and more. With a holistic view across multiple platforms, contact center agents and managers don’t have to learn multiple interfaces and reporting tools to provide their customers with the best experience.

Intelligent Interactions

Imagine having the ability to identify trends, replicate successful customer interactions, and disseminate product feedback to the appropriate business units within your organization. Amazon’s powerful automated interactions coupled with Aceyus’ single reporting engine delivers secure and reliable data in highly consumable formats. We provide agents and supervisors with real-time and historical customer insights that are enablers to personalized, contextual conversations with customers. 

Provide your teams with the ultimate VUE of your contact center data.

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Vice President of IT

“Aceyus solutions provided this company with a holistic view of its operations across multiple platforms and contact centers.”