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The Future of Customer Experience Technologies

At Aceyus, we are building for the future by continuing to build world-class contact center solutions, as well as expanding our vision to further understand the complete customer journey. We know how much insight can be gained from call interactions. We also know that the customer experience starts prior to the call and often extends well beyond. The contact center industry has largely remained the same for upwards of 25 years, with little disruption until the recent changes brought upon all of us due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Contact Centers have historically been viewed as cost centers, a necessary part of doing business. We believe contact centers are truly the source of data innovation, and when integrated with other data sources have unlimited possibilities. Over the last 2 years, our engineers have been building a platform that is designed to integrate, enhance, and unify the key metrics needed to truly stay connected to the customer. 

We live in a world where data collection is rarely the problem. In fact, 90% of all the data in the world has been collected in the past 2 years. Yet, the average Fortune 100 company would realize a net increase of $65M annually if they were able to increase data accessibility by even 10%. We see this as a massive opportunity to help businesses of all sizes easily pull high-value data into a single platform with end-to-end reporting, real-time dashboards, and the flexibility to scale at the same pace as your business.  

The New Aceyus Brand

In the world of digital transformation, we wanted our brand to be reflective of our company values, product, and technology innovation while closely aligning with our new direction as a true technology company.

New Modern Look 

Our new logo is intentionally designed to have some familiarity to it, while immediately identifying our brand as tech-focused. Technology stacks often represent a variety of connected platforms. 



  • Curved Edges Represent Flexibility

    The soft edges or roundness on the outside of each layer represents flexibility. Our minds naturally associate roundness with adaptability. As society and technology continue to evolve, we want to maintain our commitment to our customers that we are always able to adapt and be flexible in our adoption of new technologies and ideas. Our existing and new cloud-based offerings are built to scale with the needs of your business.

  • Sharp Angles Depict Rigor and Strength

    The inside of the lines, where you see the diamond shape, are intentionally sharp, representing rigor, strength, and consistency. The combination of the curved outside lines with the sharp inner angles signifies our ability to see both sides of the coin in the expanded solutions we offer our partners and customers.

  • Depth of Lines Signifies Stability

    The weight of each line coupled with the ratio to the size of the logo itself represents stability. As we continue to release new products and services, we promise to continue offering only solutions that are safe, secure, and stable.

  • Gradient Signifies Positive Change

    The word gradient comes from the Latin gradus or steps, and the gradient is the measure of steps in which something changes. For Aceyus, the positive gradient of the new logo represents upward growth and mobility. As technology in contact centers becomes more advanced, Aceyus continues to take steps toward evolving our product suite, which has allowed us to continue growing as a company.

Honoring the Past

While the new Aceyus has a different look and feel, as well as additional capabilities, it is important that we recognize our customers, partners, and team that have helped Aceyus reach new heights. We still offer the state of the art products that we have become well known for. Our new offerings simply serve as a way for Aceyus to expand our solutions to include cloud-based capabilities as well as solutions for small and mid-market businesses that our products were not tailored for previously. 

Aceyus is what it is today because of the many people who have dedicated their time and efforts to building an amazing company that truly puts our customers first, in ways I’ve never experienced before. Our commitment to living by the values we have stood by for nearly 20 years will continue, unwavering, and is one of the top reasons why I chose to join Aceyus.

I really hope you enjoy the new website and please explore the new, exclusive content designed to provide real, meaningful value. This is only the beginning, we have many additional functions and features upcoming including the official launch of our new products called VUE, the Visionary User Experience. 

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