Improve Contact Center Efficiency

Why is it important to stay efficient as a contact center? There is a single key driver that makes this imperative. At the core of contact center efficiency is one key player: the customer. 

Without having customers, there is no business. In an instant digital world, it is now more than ever necessary to keep your customers pleased. One bad review online because of long wait times on the customer service lines not only ruins your customer relationship with that single customer but everyone who reads the review online too.

We’ve all been there before. You’ve been put on hold for 45 minutes to be left waiting to be handed off to another customer service representative. This leaves you feeling more frustrated and confused than you were before the customer service call.

This is a business’s worst nightmare. It is no secret that keeping your contact center efficient will leave your customer base feeling satisfied and coming back to your business in the future.

As a bonus, your contact center will perform at an optimal level to bring your customers the call center experience they deserve. Having a contact center software that will support your contact center’s operational efficiency will increase customer satisfaction, decrease internal processes times, and maintain internal cost-effectiveness. See how Aceyus technology will improve contact center efficiency to grow your business.

How Aceyus Technology Improves Contact Center Efficiency

Centralize Data All in One Place

Unfortunately, it is common for many contact center managers to have to sift through piles of data to get what is needed. This process can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an entire day just to pull all the charts, trends, and metrics they need to carry out everyday business operations.

Whether it is taking your managers an extra 10 minutes or a full day, lost time in productivity equals lost time in your contact center’s efficiency. The time that the manager could have used for other business activities has now been consumed by the tedious long task of pulling data due to various data silos throughout the company and individual departments.

“I would not have been able to give you information on the current interval. We had to go to a totally different reporting system and it would have taken a full 10 minutes. Now it only takes a few minutes to get the data,” a hospitality industry executive commented.

By using Aceyus technology in conjunction with other reports, you will save time by avoiding the unnecessary task of filtering through multiple metric channels. Your managers can now make better use of this time to take on more responsibility and assist customers when they need it the most.

Help Managers Forecast Scheduling

Forecasting schedules for contact centers has been difficult to estimate in the past. Many systems lack real-time data, fully customizable charts, and metrics that show employee activity.

Without an accurate prognosis, your contact center could be losing capital after creating data-less work schedules every week.

On average, call center agents should have an occupancy bandwidth of at least 70-80%. This means that out of the 100 hours that the agent is on the clock, 70-80 of those hours should be spent on the line. Even though agents need to balance taking breaks when needed, it is also crucial for agents to make optimal use of their time on the clock. Aceyus technology can pinpoint what specific agents are effective with their time, and this can also give supervisors an inside look at the agent break cadence.

In addition to this, managers can tell from a filtered view what specific business units, languages, and regions need to have more agents scheduled to assist customers. For example, if there is an influx of french-speaking callers coming from Northern France during a certain time of the year, there needs to be an increased number of french speaking agents on the schedule at that time to efficiently assist those incoming callers.

Get Data to the People Who Need It

If essential contact center data isn’t given to the right person, the business can’t gauge the areas where the calls are falling through the cracks and time is spent inefficiently.

Guessing what employees should be scheduled to work certain shifts and which agent should take the next caller loaded in the queue is an inefficient way to handle ongoing operations. Taking a shift from this method of operating, Aceyus’s analytics dashboards allow supervisors to diagnose where the evident problem areas are and adjust from there. From showcasing caller queues to displaying agent AUX codes, the Aceyus platform sets up managers to make better, data-driven business decisions in real-time.

Create a Better Customer Experience

Did you know that 68% of customers leave brands because of the customer experience or  treatment they received?

This is why a good customer experience is critical. Contact center efficiency supports the customer to have a better customer journey and receive the treatment your customers expect. From the time the customer calls to the time they hang up, the full scope of your customer’s experience shouldn’t be just adequate, but it should be positively memorable so that your customers will come back for more and even recommend your business.

When the contact center team works together to assist the customers on the lines efficiently by using Aceyus’ technology to support, the customer will reach a customer service agent on their preferred channel when it’s convenient and helpful for them. Aceyus will aid in the process to use big data to effectively route calls, predict customer inquiries, and to eliminate repetitive customer experiences to ensure that the customer has a positive experience.

Will Aceyus Really Solve Your Contact Center’s Efficiency Problems?

By working in unison with other reporting systems, Aceyus can increase contact center efficiency by centralizing data, forecast schedules, getting essential information to the right people, and producing better customer experiences. The bottom line is this. If you want to grow as a business, you have to put your customers first. You can do this by instilling a contact center technology that will give your team a competitive advantage and drive more revenue.

As a contact center technology company that has worked with many enterprise and mid-level companies, you can expect Aceyus to help your team excel at efficiency. If you are looking for technology to help your contact center become more efficient, schedule a personalized demo to see how Aceyus technology will drive your business forward.


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