Did you know that Aceyus solutions help contact centers save millions of company dollars in operations costs and customer churn? 

When Aceyus reporting package, Transfer Analysis, was launched, we worked with an enterprise that knew there were too many unnecessary transfers occurring in its call center. Unnecessary transfers are expensive for contact centers and frustrating for callers. Our client wanted to fix the problem as quickly as possible, however, it was difficult to locate the root cause.

On its first day in the environment, Aceyus Transfer Analysis isolated the issue. By drilling down into the data points within the calls, it found a faulty prompt in the IVR that was routing thousands of callers to the wrong agent. Changing that one prompt in the IVR saved the client $18 million in operating costs.

Heres the moral to the story: Lack of visibility into the customer journey keeps these problems hidden. It is easy for a problem like this to go unnoticed if an enterprise has 20,000 call agents and each agent handles only one of these calls per day. These problems are only uncovered once contacts are visible at the macro-level.

This extends to channels outside of the traditional call center. Today, customers have email, chat, internet forums and so many other ways to interact with businesses. If a customer is shopping online and selects a particular product but the link retrieves the wrong item, the customer may initiate chat to ask for a link to the intended item. Again, the chat agent might only get one of these chats per day, but a company with four hundred chat agents may get hundreds or thousands of chats a day about the same issue and not realize it.

Aceyus solutions are effective and efficient at diagnosing these types of issues along the customer journey. One of our partners likes to say that we turn on the lights.” Our contact center reporting and analytics show enterprises where their costly service missteps are lurking, and problems are addressed quickly before they have a chance to wreak havoc on the customer experience and business operations.



Aceyus Team

Aceyus Team

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