It’s time to start looking toward the clouds.

There are plenty of trends in the contact center industry that are worth reporting.

But one stands tall above the rest . . . 

. . . The move to cloud-based technology.

In the next two years, roughly 60% of contact center organizations will be migrating to cloud technology.

After years of data being stored at a specific local location, cloud technology is becoming the go-to way to store and quickly access information.

What other trends are you seeing in your respective workplace?


An industry trend that everyone needs to be aware of is the migration to cloud technology. The days of having data store on-premise, at a specific local location and environment, there are still applications for it but if you think about the ability to utilize cloud technology, whether it be over the air updates.

Whether it be the ability to store and quick access information without being so bogged down with heavy, heavy data costs. Many companies, about 60% of all contact center based solutions will be moving to the cloud technology in the next two years.

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