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October 25th, 2016

Aceyus, Dell Lead Discussion of Omni-channel Analytics at Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange

Aceyus was privileged to host an interactive Best Practices session at Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Contact, West Executive MindXchange, held in Tucson, October 23rd through the 26th. The session, How Dell Uses Omni-channel Analytics to Raise the Bar in Customer Engagement, was led by Aceyus President, Mike Ary, and Dell Principal Contact Center Engineer, Roger Davis.

The Dell-Aceyus partnership has enhanced the multinational computer company’s customer engagement initiatives. Aceyus is a key player in Dell's journey towards an omni-channel environment that uses reporting and analytics to provide value to customers at every turn.

Davis initiated the presentation with Dell’s "Lessons Learned." The primary message in his introduction was to solve the basics first – to define a common vocabulary and data set that allows all parts of the organization to join the customer journey discussion. There are many challenges involved in implementing an omni-channel strategy. Though it may require a lot of planning and cultural changes, the insights brought to the surface in an omni-channel environment are invaluable. Enterprises will get detailed accounts of how their customers behave.

Of course, the big question is how companies can use this knowledge to their advantage, improving profitability and customer experience. Davis provided the audience extensive analysis into how Dell is leveraging analytics to better understand and engage with its customers.

Key take-aways included:

  • Insights into how aggregating customer interaction data from multiple platforms and channels can provide a competitive advantage and drive profitability;
  • Strategies for understanding customer behaviors and what leads to success with specific customer groups;
  • Approaches for analyzing information to optimize First Contact Resolution (FCR), reduce repeat callers, and improve satisfaction;
  • Best practices with analytics that advance both efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

The format of the presentation lent itself very well to participation from attendants. Much of the attendant commentary focused on the vastness of their customer data, establishing accurate reporting metrics, and challenges in normalizing data not only across multi-vendor platforms, but within a data set’s native channel.

The challenges of creating an omni-channel environment may be daunting but enterprises must move in this direction or risk becoming obsolete. In an ultra-competitive market where consumers are more knowledgeable than ever, the companies that will enjoy customer loyalty are the ones that can evoke empathy for their customers, harnessing the power of their customer data to anticipate needs and improve customer journeys.