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Aceyus Transfer Analysis Aids Major Wireless Carrier in Ongoing Quest to Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Aceyus Transfer Analysis Aids Major Wireless Carrier in Ongoing Quest to Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Key Takeaways:

  • Transfer Analysis quickly isolated areas of improvement in T-Mobiles routing rules, greatly reducing time spent troubleshooting.
  • Routing efficiency was greatly improved; the number of unnecessarily transferred calls declined, operating costs decreased and customer satisfaction with the contact center rose.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority and key differentiator for many customer-facing companies. Customers are more social and knowledgeable than ever before, and no company can afford to let their customer service systems lag behind those of their competition.

This widespread shift to customer-centric service has directly impacted T-Mobile, a leading wireless carrier already renowned for its excellent customer service. T-Mobile has long striven to provide an optimal customer experience, long before it became the buzzword it is today. Faced with greater competition, T-Mobiles response has been to differentiate by further enhancing experiences across the customer journey. This includes customer touch points like the contact center.

Research shows that contact centers are no longer viewed as a cost center. In Deloittes 2015 Global Contact Center Survey, eighty-five percent of the organizations surveyed viewed the contact center experience as a competitive differentiator. Contact centers are often the first step in more complex interactions and are still a popular channel for service among older generations. Contact center enhancements are a wise investment as efficient customer-contact center interactions can improve customer retention and turn satisfied customers into promoters.

According to Forresters Trends 2016: The Future of Customer Service, seventy-three percent of consumers surveyed list valuing their time as the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service.Eradicating unnecessarily transferred calls was one way for T-Mobile to save customer time. To maintain its competitive edge and respect its customers needs, T-Mobile recognized that it needed improved visibility into its contact center. They partnered with Aceyus Intelligence whose suite of reporting and analytics solutions arm companies with fast, accurate insights to help them reach their operations and performance goals.

Aceyus strategy was to employ its Transfer Analysis tool, technology that delivers intelligence about transferred calls, providing insights into customer and agent experiences. It identifies various metrics about transferred calls that would otherwise remain hidden. The metrics call origin and destination, skill, agent and account type pinpoint agent anomalies and routing errors that repeatedly misroute calls.

Seemingly small mistakes like routing errors can have a drastic impact on the customer journey. They require quick resolution, but identifying these errors can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Aceyus Transfer Analysis quickly highlights any routing anomaly or agent error that could tarnish customer interactions with the contact center and ultimately impact brand loyalty. Even relatively small operational enhancements will improve resolution times, call waiting times, and other performance metrics.

One such example was a faulty IVR prompt that mistakenly rerouted T-Mobiles Spanish-speaking consumers back to the English language queue. This issue was extremely frustrating for callers and was impacting T-Mobiles bottom line. Contact center administrators didnt have to spend precious time untangling customer records to find the root cause of the issue. Instead, Aceyus Transfer Analysis provided actionable intelligence as soon as the reports were activated the problem was identified right away. Administrators made the necessary changes and watched as the number of transferred calls took a dramatic drop.

Ultimately, customers expect their service experiences to be effortless and effective. Isolating and resolving operational issues like faulty routing brings businesses closer to providing the service their customers need. T-Mobile found that Aceyus reporting and analytics products yielded fast, actionable intelligence that allowed it to improve its customer journey right away, impacting customer loyalty and improving operating costs. 

Aceyus customer portfolio includes companies in a variety of industries, from local financial institutions to Fortune 100 retailers. We can help you leverage your customer data to improve your customer journey and reach your business objectives. Click here for our product information or here to speak with a customer service advocate.

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