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Aceyus Improves Contact Center Reporting for Large Web-based Travel Company

Aceyus Improves Contact Center Reporting for Large Web-based Travel Company

In the midst of transitioning to a new reporting platform, Expedia was experiencing usability troubles. The out-of-the-box reporting did not provide the flexibility and usability required to properly manage their contact center. From a support perspective, the reporting package had stability issues. Contact center managers at Expedia knew that an environment as large and complex as theirs required user-friendly, flexible tools that would allow both technical and non-technical users to get data quickly and efficiently.

Aceyus was chosen after a head-to-head evaluation of usability against two other competitors. The evaluation process was thorough and challenging (one of the vendors already had a working relationship with Expedia) but Aceyus was selected, winning Expedia over with its ability to address its user needs.

One thing that differentiates Aceyus products from other offerings is their extreme flexibility in addressing complex environments. The Aceyus software was easily integrated into the Expedia contact center, along with several data adapters to connect Expedias IVR system and internal database systems. This unified the vast amounts of customer information collected and analyzed on a daily basis, making it available for reporting and dashboards that drive their contact center.

Expedia tracks and processes significantly more Customer Voice Portal (CVP) data than the average customer. They needed a reporting solution that would accommodate and utilize the volume of calls and customer data. Aceyus partnered with Expedia to configure the standard Aceyus CVP adapter so Expedia could analyze and report on the sheer quantity of its CVP data in a timely manner. This was one of Expedias unique business requirements that were met by the extreme flexibility of the Aceyus product suite.

The user-friendly and robust nature of the Aceyus software was immediately noticeable compared to Expedias previous contact center solutions. Once they were up and running, the Aceyus suite solved all of Expedias latency issues, and its high-availability architecture was resilient in supporting outages.

Aceyus solutions also boast a full complement of flexible real-time dashboard and historical reporting capabilities. Users can choose from a host of data views, from big picture reports to segments of individual customer interactions. Aceyus visualization tools are powerful but not at the expense of the user interface. Its still easy for non-technical users and supervisors to create dashboards they need.

[R]ealized improvements [were] efficiency improvements to the user experience, speed to market of new insights through reporting and dashboards, and well-improved self-service. -- Expedia Product Manager of Workforce Optimization, Contact Center Technology

The flexibility and usability of Aceyus Reporting makes it easier for contact center personnel to do their jobs because they can get the data they need quickly and efficiently. In fact, Aceyus has evolved from a contact center solution to a cross-departmental asset for Expedia. The contact center gets regular requests from other departments for things like social media and email reports.

An additional feature that makes Aceyus so attractive to enterprises like Expedia is its licensing model. Vendor cost often guides the purchasing decision when companies consider new solutions. Aceyus clients dont have to choose between cost-effectiveness and functionality because our licensing model is client-centric. Based on the number of servers and adapters (not users), scaling the solutions to support an entire user base is quick and inexpensive. Not only are Aceyus solutions better (i.e. flexible, user-friendly, fully-integrated), theyre cost-effective and our team is easy to work with.

Expedia revolutionized and forever changed the way we travel. The enterprise is an early adopter of new technologies, frequently testing new features and functionalities in the interest of better business. This innovative mindset has fostered a collaborative Aceyus-Expedia relationship that continues to be rewarding for both sides. The Expedia contact center can serve its end users more efficiently while Aceyus uses Expedias feedback to inform better product design. Some of this feedback yielded product improvements that are included in the latest suite, Aceyus 5, which is currently being implemented in Expedias contact center. Aceyus and Expedia expect this model relationship to continue as Expedias business evolves.

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