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Aceyus Contact Center Analytics Streamlines Call Routing for Major Wireless Carrier

September 14th, 2015

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  • Transfer Analysis can be readily integrated into the contact center environment.
  • Transfer Analysis reveals metrics that otherwise remain unrealized; anomalies in T-Mobiles routing rules were immediately identified.
  • Transfer Analysis quickly isolated areas of improvement in T-Mobiles routing rules, greatly reducing time spent troubleshooting.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority and key differentiator for many customer-facing companies. Customers are more social and knowledgeable than ever before, and no company can afford to let their customer service systems lag behind those of their competition.

This widespread shift to customer centricity has directly impacted T-Mobile, a leading wireless carrier already renowned for excellent customer service. T-Mobile has long strived to provide an optimal customer experience, long before it became the buzzword it is today. Faced with greater competition, T-Mobiles response has been to differentiate its customer experience through further enhancements across the customer journey, including the contact center.

T-Mobile knows its customer journey very well and knew there was an opportunity to make a big customer service impact in its contact center where many calls were being unnecessarily transferred. Administrators could see the overall number of mistakenly transferred calls but were unable to determine why or where they were transferred. T-Mobile needed a solution that could improve visibility into contact center operations, so they could see the root cause of the transfers.

The integration of new solutions is never simple, and T-Mobiles contact center ecosystem is large and complex. T-Mobile needed a solution that was ready to integrate so they could solve this customer journey anomaly quickly to minimize its impact on their customers and their bottom line. Enter Aceyus Intelligence: A suite of ready-to-integrate solutions that allow companies to streamline contact center operations by extending call routing, resource management and reporting capabilities to the business user population.

Aceyus strategy was to employ its Transfer Analysis tool, technology that delivers intelligence about transferred calls, providing insights into customer and agent experiences. It identifies various metrics about transferred calls that would otherwise remain hidden. The metrics call origin, call destination, skill, agent and account type pinpoint agent anomalies and routing errors that repeatedly misroute calls.

T-Mobile laid the groundwork for the Transfer Analysis installation when it integrated the Aceyus Vault into its contact center in 2006. Since then, the Vault has tracked all call identification numbers.

Aceyus layered Transfer Analysis on top of the Vault and generated reports already built into Aceyus transfer technology. When the reports were activated, comprehensive metrics were instantly revealed to T-Mobile, providing actionable intelligence that allowed it to streamline its routing from the first day.

Before Transfer Analysis, administrators had to untangle records from various, isolated sources until the problem was identified. Transfer Analysis quickly identified a faulty IVR prompt in T-Mobiles contact center that was mistakenly rerouting Spanish-speaking callers back to the English language queue. This issue was extremely frustrating for callers and was impacting T-Mobiles bottom line. Aceyus technology end users can modify their own reports to pull only the data relevant to them. T-Mobile administrators did the same, building their own reports that immediately isolated the faulty IVR prompt. Administrators knew what changes needed to be made and watched as the number of transferred calls took a dramatic drop.

Complex contact center ecosystems generate such vast amounts of customer data that troubleshooting is a lengthy and uncertain process. The shift to customer-centric business models means that service technology not only needs to work, it must provide service that is effortless and efficient. T-Mobile found that Aceyus reporting and analytics products make problem solving efficient and accurate. With tools like Transfer Analysis, fast, actionable intelligence is achievable from day one.

For more information about Aceyus Transfer Analysis, read the business user case study or access the product sheet.