how a rebrand matters

In the age of 2020, we can take good branding for granted: whether it’s time spent on social media, operating our cell phones or even using software at work. Good branding makes our lives easier. It usually means better user interfaces or experiences. 

Sometimes, software you get is so streamlined and easy to use, you’re able to hop into it right away and make things happen. Other times it takes a wizened old wizard to help you crack the riddle of an extremely complicated user interface or a team of military-trained, elite IT professionals to make your workforce management software usable. 

Eventually, we evolve to the software we use and it becomes part of our workflow. The branding on these apps becomes second nature, but how is branding important in the user experience? Why is it important to make an application easy to use? How will the Aceyus rebrand make your work more efficient?

There are four key components of our rebrand that will eventually impact how you use our product:

  1. Modern
  2. Every Moment Matters
  3. The Edge
  4. People-Centric

1. Modern

As a designer the following would seem obvious (even though everyone has their own ideas of what good design is): The importance of clean design is to provide users rest amongst content, preventing them from being overwhelmed. Having whitespace and usage of a clear grid keeps the user engaged with what matters. In VUE, that means the user gets to focus on the insights they need. This idea is a core tenet of our creative principles.

For VUE, this means we are unifying our colors, simplifying the UI and making the data the focal point. You will see a core palette of colors: blues and purples that let the user engage with the data they need, while highlights of red and green will make good and bad data easily visible. Easier wayfinding within the application improves the customer experience, unified iconography quickly signaling important real-time information.


2. Every Moment Matters

With cleaner UI comes faster results. We believe every moment matters for the users and customers we help to find success. A rebrand can streamline user interaction with Aceyus reporting, giving agents more time to focus on the customer. 

“In fact, a one-second increase in call length in a call center that answers 1 million calls a year creates an additional 280 hours of work, requiring approximately 380 additional hours of staffing.”

 Call Centers for Dummies, pg. 14

Giving the user a clean, open mission room of data helps them make decisions faster. Our goal is to eliminate the moments a user pauses in the middle of their workflow and prevent them from clicking everywhere to find what they need. Our clean menu bar and navigation system will allow the user to navigate as smoothly as an experienced captain of the seas.


3.The Edge

“A combination of good strategy and poor execution is like a Ferrari with flat tires.”

-The Brand Gap, pg. 73

We believe that our rebrand gives us an edge. We stand apart from competitors, and we invest in ourselves, because at the end of the day we think it helps give you the edge. We aren’t satisfied with the status quo, and we see on a daily basis how we can help improve the contact center experience. We are working on helping you get faster and better insight every day. Our rebrand is our strongest signifier yet that we intend to be the best solution for contact center agents and customers. With our clean UI and the time we can save you with positive UX, we give you an edge on being more efficient, making decisions faster and getting time back in your day. 

Our edge is your edge.


4.People Centric

Data and insights don’t mean anything without seeing the whole picture, and the whole picture includes our families, friends and workmates. In most companies, we treat our workmates with respect and we work together as a team. From the ground up, being people-oriented is important to all of us. A call center or a customer experience center is nothing without the people who run it everyday, or without the customers to help. 

This is why it was important for our new brand to reflect the people who interact with customer experience centers on a daily basis. Across our website, we reflect the diverse and talented people who work hard in an unforgiving job. We hope giving you an edge, speeding up your data interactions to make wise, actionable decisions and a cleaner UI will provide you with time to focus on the customers and your teams.

“A true rebrand upends the actual brand experience.”

– Marketo


The Aceyus rebrand isn’t just a new logo and website. We are evolving the user experience.

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how a rebrand matters

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