At Aceyus, we dedicate our efforts to making contact center intelligence.

Our customer base is well represented by Fortune 100 firms and companies in various areas of commerce including multi-national financial institutions, telecommunications service providers, transportation services, insurance and mobile communications.

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When I hear the word ‘Aceyus,’ the first word that comes to mind is accountability – being your trusted partner, understanding your requirements, being able to deliver. It’s a very trustworthy organization and I would give them the keys to the car to let them help you with your business.

Delivery Director, iSoftStone

Aceyus’ products have saved us a great deal of time. It used to take us a ridiculous amount of time to do reporting – sometimes an entire day to gather data. Now, it’s literally a matter of minutes.

Sr. Telecom Analyst, Sony

Life with Aceyus has allowed us to look at our operations holistically, across all our various platforms and various centers. Now we’re able to get real-time information and historical information across our Cisco and Avaya environments that really allows us to manage our business, our agents, and our call center more effectively.

Vice President of IT, Comcast






Aceyus (ay·cee·us)

Operating under the banner of AC Solutions, Aceyus formed as a contact center solutions provider to help companies get the most from their contact center data. The goal was to deliver innovative tools that complimented reporting systems already in place. Early customers were large enterprises like AT&T and T-Mobile.

First Reporting Platform Launched

Aceyus expanded its business reach by creating its first Reporting Platform in response to the needs of its large enterprise-level customers. The platform would improve visibility in vast stores of data from some of the most complex contact centers in the world, enabling clients to make informed decisions on how to optimize operations.

Aceyus Vault Released

Aceyus Vault was created to provide a central data repository for contact centers. This innovative tool helped enterprises efficiently consolidate information from complex, disparate contact center systems to provide value-added reporting solutions.

Avaya DevConnect Partnership Forged

The Aceyus Intelligence Suite underwent rigorous Avaya testing and was deemed an Avaya DevConnect Select Product. As an Avaya Select Partner Program participant, Aceyus’ market reach was extended and its reputation as an industry leader was solidified.

Aceyus 5.0 Introduced

In 2015, Aceyus proudly introduced the Aceyus 5.0 suite of reporting and management products. Aceyus 5.0 represents a quantum leap forward, delivering the functionality required to address the ever-expanding need for actionable data.

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Aceyus Contact Center Analytics Streamlines Call Routing for Major Wireless Carrier